Friday, March 22, 2013

Social Presence in Online Courses: What's Offensive? Essential? Why/How? FridayLive! TODAY 2pmET FREE ONLINE

Penny Kuckkahn's Fluff Discovery ["The Elusive Obvious"]
  Would your students be engaged or offended by this intro?

Making Sense of Social Media for Teaching and Learning:
Starting with Your Online Persona
How much Social Presence is too Much?  
March 22, 2013  2:00-3:00 pm ET  REGISTER FREE ONLINE
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet Area Technical College

Social Collaboration: What words come to mind?

Questions & Context
How, if at all, can we use social media to benefit our students and ourselves as teachers?  How can we build (and change) our online personas for teaching/learning? (vs. for other online activities?)

We are just beginning to identify and understand how to adapt many of our old beliefs and practices to new conditions and tools of communication.

Old beliefs and practices:
"good manners,"  "common sense,"  "civil discourse,"  "showing respect,"

New conditions, tools, and distinctions:
public/private;  intentional/unintentional;  speed and spread; changing options

Why, How Use Social Media in Teaching/Learning?

  • How can we use social media to...
  • How can we select social media to...
  • How can we decide if and when to use social media to...

Engage students more fully in online or hybrid/blended coursesProvide professional development and collegial interaction  - reducing professional isolation within a college or university.

Social Presence:  Personal/Professional Authenticity Online for Teachers and Learners

  • Importance
  • Limitations (technological, cultural, personal, stylistic, local, expectations, group composition, context, ...)
  • How much is too much?
  • Personal vs. Professional   [e.g., Facebook vs. LinkedIn?]

Recommendations and First Steps

  • Caution:  Avoid revealing the wrong things to the wrong people at the wrong time [time of life?]...
  • What are some of the easiest, low-threshold, safest options for people new to teaching and learning online?

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