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“There’s an App for That 3" Slides, links, chat transcript. TLT Group FridayLive! 3/15 #TLTGfrlv online free

 "There's an App for That 3.0" 
Presenters: Steve Kaufman, Aaron Carpenter, Ashland University
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Text Chat Transcript - 4 sections of full text below: 
1.  Prelims, greetings, informal mention of a few Apps
2.  Fundamental Questions Intro - informal discussion of a few Apps
3.  Actual Session - Links, descriptions, additional Apps offered by participants
4. Afterthoughts "Is there an App for this?" 

I hope you find all this interesting and useful!  
                       - Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group

1.  Prelims, greetings, informal mention of a few Apps
  Steve Kaufman:Greetings everyone!
  Roland Nord:Hi. We're a quiet group. :)
  Steve Kaufman:Ha. Sounds like it huh?
  Charles J. Ansorge:The registration list for today's FridayLive session is huge.  The room limit is 100 so arriving early was a good idea.
  Steve Kaufman:what did the total wind up being?
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:363
  Steve Kaufman:nice!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:CRAZY nice!
  Steve Kaufman:hola
  SYLVIA NIKOPOULOS:Yes i can hear you
  Charles J. Ansorge:Session begins officially at 2 PM.
  Sarah Milligan:Thanks!
  Charles J. Ansorge:Registrants were encouraged to arrive early because of the large number of registrants and the limits of size to the "room" we are using.
  Karron Lewis:Really looking forward to this.  Hi everyone!
  Steve Kaufman:Hello everyone! Hoping to have a great session today!
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:Looking forward to today's session.
  Michael Dabney:Hi everyone! Mike Dabney, late of Honolulu, now makng maple syrup in Shelburne, VT.
  Michael Dabney:Hi Karron!
  Karron Lewis:Hi Michael!  It's getting warm in Texas!
  Susan  Boyd:Hello from sunny Santa Clara, CA (SF bay area).
  Steve Kaufman:Jealous Susan! Send us some warm weather!
  Aaron Carpenter:We could use it over here!
  Wendy Stubbs:hello from sunny South Dakota!
  Ilene Frank:Hi, everyone - from Tampa FL
  Ilene Frank:Still too quiet
  Ilene Frank:Yes!
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:Hello rfom sunny and warming Charlotte NC
  Cynthia Russell:hello from Memphis, TN
  Maureen Akins:Augusta Georgia Sam... now you are just bragging! Hello from cold, icy, rainy Dassel, Minnesota.
  Ronda:This is Ronda from Butler Community College in El Dorado KS
  Wendy Stubbs:Google wave had that map feature!!
  Maida Tilchen:Hi from Cambridge, MA
  Ilene Frank:Elluminate/Collaborate has the map thing
  Debbie Kirchhoff:It's sunny and warm in Missouri too!
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:no music while we're waiting today?
  ashley:University of the Virgin Islands
  Ilene Frank:hehe
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Hello from snowy Northern Wisconsin
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:will be int he 70s this weekend in Charlotte  :-)
  Ilene Frank:Hmmm.. I'm not really a presenter btw.
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:come on down!
  Karron Lewis:We are expecting it to be almost 90 in Austin, TX. you come to Minnesota, I could take you ice fishing.
  Karron Lewis:I'm not, but it's a zoo downtown!!
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:look at Austin -- UT is my alma mater. Go Horns!
  Susan  Boyd:90 in Austin!  Glad it will only be 70 in Santa Clara.
  George Guba:A bit warmer than Charlotte down here in PEmbroke NC
  Susan  Boyd:We can get a "weather picture" of the country online.
  George Guba:Yes!
  Ilene Frank:Yep! I'll try to pay attention! :)
  George Guba:77 tomorrow.
  Steve Kaufman:Yay for volunteers!
  Aaron Carpenter:be the "voice"
  Steve Kaufman:Steve- are you saying we talk too much?
  Steve Kaufman:yes!
  Steve Kaufman:Hi Mike
  Aaron Carpenter:thanks for helping
  Lisa Star:Hello everyone!
  Michael Dabney:Hi Lisa!
  Ilene Frank:Hi ,Lisa!
  Linda Joffe:Greetings from Ft. Lauderdale, FL!
  Lisa Star:Absolutely!
  Michael Dabney:Penny, want to unmute and test your mic?
  Ilene Frank:OK!
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:sure
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:and 13 wairting in the queue
  Karron Lewis:Yes!  Hi Penny.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Welcome & greetings everyone.  Feel free to use some of this time to introduce yourselves here in chat.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Recording live!
  Julia Stumpff:Julia Stumpff, Librarian & Online Technology Director, Ivy Tech Community College, Columbus, Indiana
  Charles J. Ansorge:If you experience any technical problems please send me a private message and I'll try to assist you.
  Cathy Swift:Cathy Swift - MERLOT
  Ilene Frank:Ilene Frank - another librarian. Hi, Julia!
  Susan  Boyd 2:feedback bad
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I'm not hearing ANY feedback problem
  Susan  Boyd 2:it's ok now, thx
  Steven Grindle:Will you be addressing Kindle Fire?
  Aaron Carpenter:can you make me a host again?
  George Guba:George Guba, UNC Pembroke. Instructional Designer
  Lisa Star:Love my Kindle Fire!
  Aaron Carpenter:Thank you!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Should we do another FrLv about Kindle?  other new devices?
  Ilene Frank:It would be neat to do Android/ Kindle Fire, etc
  Steven Grindle:Unless e-readers are included with Ipad and smart phone, I would be hesitant to implement.
  Steve Kaufman:one more thing Steve...
  Steve Kaufman:just kidding
  Aaron Carpenter:try working with him!
  Steve Kaufman:ha
  Ilene Frank:Steven G , you can run Kindle app on an iPad (for instance), BlueFire Reader and some others.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We have a couple of folk working with Kindles here at GTC - so that would be nice... I have an ASUS Google-based tablet (w/ keyboard) and  we also have a faculty member here with us today (Heather Forrester) who is building iPad use into her Biology Lab class (has apps & is interested in other apps).
  Steven Grindle:I don't use (Ilene) an Ipad so I don't know.
  Wendy Stubbs:or maybe divide thi type of a workshop by operating system eventually
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:AC:  gain - more info ,  more SELECTED GOOD apps
  Ilene Frank:I'm new to iPad - so I've been trying out reading - because I too LOVE my Kindle
  Wendy Stubbs:is alway glad to learn what others are doing with app
2.  Fundamental Questions Intro - informal discussion a few Apps
 Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SK:  use FrLv App exchange to recharge batteries!
  George Guba:The iPad handles PDFs well.
  Linda Joffe:Do you think these apps are applicable to fully online classes?
  Steven Grindle:But if there are no standards for putting stuff on a moble devive, why implement something that requires device specific learning activities?
  Wendy Stubbs:good point Steven G.!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:AC:  cherish... NOT getting lost!  underlying pedagogical values
  Beth Kiggins, University of Indianapolis:Who is using the Apple TV or comparable device to connect to flat panels in the classroom?
  George Guba:Full online use is something I'd like to explore. If anyone wants to talk about those issues, let me know.
  Ilene Frank:Steven G - I'll try to remember to ask your question!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SK:   not lose relationships w faculty, use of LT tech, momentum, ...
  Steven Grindle:I most cherish device INDEPENDENT applications!!!! anyone tried the app "Pointer" for iPad? It's free, but I haven't tried it yet.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:WOW... WE HAVE 2 STEVEGs today!
  Linda Joffe:I would George!
  Maureen Akins:A tool is only an object.  It's the way in which the tool is used that is important.
  George Guba:I put Genius Scan on my phone, great tool!
  Steve Kaufman:so feel free to talk behind our backs... sheesh
  Aaron Carpenter:almost a full house!
  Steve Kaufman:we're at 100!
  Aaron Carpenter:not too much backchannel heckling, please. :-)
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:ONE HUNDRED!
  Steve Kaufman:everyone gets a free car (joking)
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:@Jane, Hi. How was Lilly South?
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:If for some reason you have to leave, please logout and make a space for someone else.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:wOW - OUR first time in quite a while when we've hit our max login limit!
  Steven Grindle:How do I log out? if I should decide to do that.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:close the page
  Ilene Frank:A MOAC session (Massive online adobe connect) !
  Steve Kaufman:ha
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:LOL
  Steve Kaufman:Or, you're watching an adobe live with 2 'Moocs'
  Ilene Frank:If you have to log on, go up to MEETING and use the exit there
  Ilene Frank:I meant log off -
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:Buyt if people log out they probably won't be able to get back in.
  Ilene Frank:Lorette, I think you are correct! ;)
  George Guba:I'll have to remember no Chrome the next time. Hopefully I won't have any issues.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Last Friday we began to explore the intriguing question:  In what ways is/isn't the TLT Group's FridayLive! series a MOOC?
  Lisa Star:Thanks Chuck!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Sam E  (& others)- I got to be at Lilly Greensboro Teaching & Learning Conference in Feb and I thought it was grand this year... inspiring, fun, rich, etc (I even got to do a plenary this year... so it was particularly fun).  Ray, Jane & all the UNCG folk did a fantabulous job with it.
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:@Bonnie: glad to hear it was so good.
  George Guba:Sorry I missed it this year.
  Steven Grindle:Can I minimize "Attendess" so that I can see more of the chat?
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:yes
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Does airserver allow for audio transmission?
  Ilene Frank:Steven Grindle, I don't know a way to fiddle with the pods in Adobe Connect
  Joanna:There is an echo with the audio after he put up the shared screen

3.  Actual Session - Links, descriptions, additional Apps offered by participants

  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Skitch works with/in Evernote... we could have an entire session about Evernote... I love it
  Dannica Thomas:which app is this being displayed?
  Shushanik:I have a proble, I cannot see the shared screen
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:THAT'S BETTER!  THANKS
  Ilene Frank:Haiku Deck  - sort of power point like, right?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  C:Are all these apps Apple only or are there any for Android?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Most are multiple platform
  Ilene Frank:Yep I just spotted that Etude is on Android as well as iPad
  Ilene Frank:Skitch is on Android too app for creating great presentations. I used it to create my Philosophy of Learning presentation.  ABC News named Haiku Deck the App of the Week last week. See: in more than I meant to there. sorry
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:In previous App guy sessions, we found almost all the Apps were multiple platform/device!
  Ruth Hodges: Is this Ashley Till
  Ilene Frank:Steve Grindle, does that help answer your question about "device specific"?
  Ilene Frank:Many apps are available on more than one platform
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:One of the great values of Evernote is how it makes stuff accessible to the user across devices and platforms..  find and save something once in Evernote then access it almost anywhere easily
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:    Should we have a later session in which we discuss the usefulness of having or amending or avoiding these standards?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:They must be in REAL trouoble!
  Steven Grindle:Ilene, it is as good an answer as I can expect given the fluid state of  mobile device development
  C:If my students call me up late at night, I don't answer the phone :-)
  Ruth Hodges:dito
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: someone post the name of each app here as it is discussed? you, Steve.
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I am keeping a list and will be adding the links to them
  heather forrester:I have used!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:OOOOoooooo infinite regression... I'm really into self-referential-meta-multiple-processing-again-againagina again
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I may not have all the links ready by the end of the session, but will provide Steve the doc.
  Linda Joffe:I don't ever get into bed with my students! ;-)
  C:LOL Linda!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I married one of my students... after the seminar was over.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:
  George Guba:@Linda Joffe--I sent you my email in the private chat.
  Linda Joffe:@George, I sent you an e-mail.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:A different "Basic French"?
  C:No frogs were harmed in the using of this app.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I just got several websites when i googled "frog dissection"
  George Guba:Watch out your students aren't using translation apps!
  Kevyn Barnes:2 mics on
  heather forrester:we don't use formaldehyde anymore in preservation
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Kevyn Barnes:lots of echo/feedback
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:echo gone?
  Ilene Frank:pearltrees is pretty interesting!
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I love Pearltrees because it will sync between my desktop and tablet
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:audio fine here
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Lisa Star:Sort of like a mind map
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:You can also add other people's pearls to your tree
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Wendy Stubbs:name of note app?
  janeS:How does Notability compare to Evernote?
  Lisa Star:doodling while learning
  Ilene Frank:Notability
  heather forrester:this app looks like educreations?
  Wendy Stubbs:thanks
  Ilene Frank:Yes! Bring back doodling!
  Lisa Star:I miss the days of the pee chee folders
  C:Draw Kilroy!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Reminder:  you and others will have access to much of this session today via  and
  Lisa Star:Any chance it will transcribe audio? you drop in a video?
  Joy Mark:evermeeting is something similar that has a transcription service
  Linda Joffe:Can you drop it into an online class, say, in Blackboard?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Compare with Voicethread?
  Joy Mark:(although evermeeting doesn't have a "whiteboard" approach like that
  Ilene Frank:Here's a nice little review of Notability
  Ilene Frank:I think on VoiceThread it's easier to get someone to answer you!
  Ilene Frank:More on Notability
  George Guba:media slate and ShowMe are a couple more whiteboard apps.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:skyviewfree  ????abc???
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:endless abc?
  Ilene Frank:SkyView Free
  Jonathan Wilson:It's called "Endless Alphabet"
  Aaron Carpenter:endless ABC
  Aaron Carpenter:SkyView Free
  Jonathan Wilson:
  George Guba:One caveat, I've found my keyboard case blocks the GPS in my ipad.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes - I'm finding endless alphabet also (for iPhone app)
  Ilene Frank:George that's a great tip! Thanks!  I would have thought all the stars got lost!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Self-fulfilling exercise.... if you can continue finding and using such brain exercise apps, you don't YEt HAVE alzheimers!
  George Guba:I was using one of the star programs to find out what planet I was looking at back at Xmas.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Aaron Carpenter:socrative
  Vanessa Wright (Excelsior College):can socrative be used for asynchrous courses??
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Can you use that astronomy app to determine what planet you yourself are on?  What planet certain politicians are on?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:11984
  Jane Harris:There is a 50-person limit for the free one?
  Vanessa Wright (Excelsior College):Can socrative be used for online courses??  It is asynchorous or synchrounous only??
  Wendy Stubbs:I think it i designed for synchronous
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I just responded to it... so they just proved you can use it during an online class!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Can responders see aggregate or cumulative responses in Socrative?
  Vanessa Wright (Excelsior College):yes but how would that work when the studnets are always waiting for the teacher to start a new session???
  Steven Grindle:How do I get into room 11984?
  C:Sudden death match!
  Aaron Carpenter:open up the teacher software
  Aaron Carpenter:then type in the rooom number
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Steve G - you go to the website sign signin... then you tell it the room number.
  George Guba:In class low stakes quizzing!!!
  Aaron Carpenter:yes!
  Aaron Carpenter:so... Enter as a Student
  Aaron Carpenter:then enter room #
  Steven Grindle:I cannot figure out the "enter as a student" part
  Ilene Frank:Steve Grindle - are you on the Web
  Vanessa Wright (Excelsior College):can you explain how this app would be applicable in the online enviornment??
  Ilene Frank:If it's the app, you get to download the student version, right?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:This is if you have the app.
  Vanessa Wright (Excelsior College):it sems like the students and instructors have to be logged in all at once
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:If you go onto the website, then you do
  Ilene Frank:If you are on the Web, you have a choice how to enter
  Lisa Star:If  you enter on the website you have to
  Lisa Star:but not on the ipad
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:From the web, you have to click on the student link.
  Vanessa Wright (Excelsior College):can you explain how this app would be applicable in the online enviornment??
  Beth Kiggins, University of Indianapolis:Do we know who got the answers wrong?
  Vanessa Wright (Excelsior College):it sems like the students and instructors have to be logged in all at once
  Linda Joffe:"can you explain how this app would be applicable in the online enviornment??"
  Jonathan Wilson:You can also go to, if anyone is hesitant to download another app
  Jonathan Wilson:the mobile website looks exactly the same as the app
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:We are now sort of demonstrating our recent "pedagogical stratgegy" of live "designated learner" for instruction in using some social networking and other tools/apps!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:So you can have FUN with sequestration???
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I have been keeping a word doc with hyperlinks for each app to share however you would like
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@ Vanessa - I think you could leave the polls, etc open and allow the results to be viewed over a multi-hour period.  But it is (perhaps) best done live... for that immediacy (as there are other ways to address  asynchronys polling - both within LMS and through Google surveys/forms, etc...)
  Steven Grindle:Each of these URLs gets you to a very different screen.
  Steven Grindle:Each of these URLs gets you to a very different screen.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:if you google "America's Economy App" you get links to several different platform versions of same app!
  Ilene Frank:And this app updates, right?
  Aaron Carpenter:yes it does
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Penny - easy to add that to DIIGO?  definitely as blog post in!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Steve - I will send you the doc after the session
  Dale Parker:I am adding to diigo
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Great - glad to see you were able to login today Dale!
  C:I luvs me some Articles of Confederation!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:This used to be a set of CDs you could buy.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Note from bleeding edge comment earlier:  apparently we now have 101 logged in... 1 over our alleged max capacity!
  Ilene Frank:I like Chrome apps a lot!!  And they sync so if you are using Chrome on another pc and log in, you get your apps!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:101% of capacity!!
  Wendy Stubbs:i love the chrome app - fun game too for at home!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Aaron Carpenter:desmos graphing calculator
  Aaron Carpenter:world history time map
  MaryAnne Campo:how did he get to the chrome apps from the browser?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Any of these ways of creating, displaying graphs that use pixels at some level provide a GOOD reason to explain some of the more subtle aspects of the relationship between visual representations and algebraic ones... from former math teacher
  Ilene Frank:MaryAnne, you just download the apps and you get  a screen full on your browser when you launch Chrome
  Aaron Carpenter:the live prview of the equation is a great feature
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Get to the chrome apps from within chrome browser using link i inserted above or just google "chrome apps"
  George Guba:Could you use camtasia to capture your show to share wiht students?
  C:Oooooohhhhh APA format app??
  Ilene Frank:If you get a lot of Chrome apps, you just move on to the next screen of them
  MaryAnne Campo:thanks
  Linda Joffe:@c  I WANT IT!
  C:Me too!
  Ilene Frank:Hmmm.. I don't believe that APA app works very well
  Ilene Frank:Don't trust it!
  Charles J. Ansorge:Cool
  Maida Tilchen:That is incorret, it is showing your first name. APA uses initials only
  Maida Tilchen:This is a common probelm with almost all the APA generators. I couldn't see the rest of your ciation to check accuracy.
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:thanks guys. great session. Happy Ides of March!
  Ilene Frank:Maida, there you go! APA and automatic citation generators don't go very well. APA is too odd!
  C:It looks like the APA app is from a third party. If APA created their own app, that would be da bomb!
  Linda Joffe:Didn't this meeting start with the warning to avoid Google Chrome?'m wondering about confirming the authority of the sources/apps.
  Steve Kaufman:Yes...
  Ilene Frank:Avoid Chrome for Adobe Connect, but do try those apps!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Linda - that warning was only about using Chrome for Adobe connect
  Maida Tilchen:APA wants everyone to buy their expensive manual
  Tamara Stoker:I used Chrome ofr this webinar and it worked great! :)
  Lisa Star:Adobe hasn't learned to play nice with Chrome yet!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:But for apps it's a great way for non iPad/Tablet folk to make use of and explore Apps.
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Google Chrome has issues when you are a presenter but not a participant.
  George Guba:I didn't have any issues with Chrome either today
  Lisa Star:I am using Chrome as well but it has drawbacks if you present in adobe
  Tamara Stoker:Great webinar! Thank you!
  Aaron Carpenter:glad you could come!

4. Afterthoughts "Is there an App for this?" 
Began 3pm ET. Q&A, more sharing of Apps, more voices heard, ... some challenging questions to presenters!  Discussion of what we might include in subsequent "App for That" sessions. 

  Linda Joffe:Thanks, Ilene and Bonnie!  I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to IT!
  C:Make the Apr. 5 session a day long seminar!
  Ilene Frank:Maida, I'm teaching APA to some grad students right now - and the Publication Manual doesn't work either. <heheh>
  SYLVIA NIKOPOULOS:very useful information. Thanks, Sylvia you for the great app suggestions. I need to go finish downloading them!
  Maida Tilchen:But the APA Pub Manual is the authorized source of the rules. IT's just hard to use.
  Linda Joffe:Ilene, I direct my students to Purdue's OWL.  It's da bom!
  George Guba:I hated learning APA on the fly on my own.
  Steve Kaufman:I feared APA as well
  Wendy Stubbs:Good session and so appreciated!
  Steve Kaufman:definitely not the fun part of research
  Ilene Frank:Maida all I can figure is that you keep showing them lots of examples
  Karron Lewis:Thanks to everyone!  This was very iteresting and informative!
  Dale Parker:ditto Ilene on APA manual UGH!!
  Linda Joffe:Maida, I've never found any distinctions between the APA Pub Manual and Purdue's OWL.  Plus, it's free!
  Ilene Frank:The Purdue Owl is oK!
  Dale Parker:OWL is understandable
  Maida Tilchen:All I"m saying is that Chrome ap for APA does not give a correct citation. Nor does EBSCO nor Word versions, I don't think.
  Linda Joffe:Steve, APA can be torture to learn--but, it provides me with job security!
  C:Maybe Purdue OWL could create citation apps.
  Maida Tilchen:I complained to EBSCO and they said they couldn't fix it.
  Dale Parker:They all have tobe double checked with a brain
  Maida Tilchen:I'm talking about EBSCO's automatic APA citation generator.
  C:EBSCO = too big to fix
  Ilene Frank:Yeah - APA has those bizarre capitalization rules - that seems to throw things off.
  Maida Tilchen:EBSCO said that's how they get data from the publishers. But I don't see why software can't make a set of rules to change the incoming data.
  George Guba:For Chrome apps, can you capture your "show" with camtasia?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:There was the question about using socrative in an online environment.
  Wendy Stubbs:you can share dektop in camtaia so I think o George
  Lisa Star:My question was - how did you present using the two ipads?
  Ilene Frank:George, you should be able to do a screencast with Camtasia or whatever.
  Steve Kaufman:@Lisa- AirServerApp can allow you to share up to 4 devices on screen
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Also: MaryAnne Campo: how did he get to the chrome apps from the browser?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:AC:  If you have a need... there probably IS an App for that!
  George Guba:With airserver, I think you could also capture using camtasia as it shows on your screen
  Aaron Carpenter:that does work
  Aaron Carpenter:we've done screencasts of screencasts before
  George Guba:Very cool!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SK:  Using tech ... think asbout your learning objectives.. or what you want to help them learn..
  Lisa Star:One nice thing is that technology seem to be getting more rewarding and less painful - fewer blue screens of death!
  Aaron Carpenter:amen to tht Lisa!
  C:We hear you!!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Did someone give Steve Grindle mic permission or have we discovered a new setting?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:That's why it's good to have the Chrome App option... as it is browser-based, rather than device based.
  Maureen Akins:Do you know of an app that will create a timeline of events that is proportionately spaced?  That is, if the time between events is 5 years and another is 10 years, the lines between 5 years is one distance and the spacing for the ten years is double that distance.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Someone else want to use Mic now to ask a question or make a comment?
  Ilene Frank:Kindle Fire is starting to get lots of apps
  Lisa Star:Most mainstream release on one platform but they do filter to both if they are popular
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Is that why you married her?  Her kindle?  hope not... entirely!
  Aaron Carpenter:she makes great baked goods for teh office
  Bonnie Oldham:What about the Google Chrome Book?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SK:  What should i buy?  What do you want to do with it?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:We have a kindle and i now find that i'm reading more often on my ipad or most recently on my iphone ... using kindle app!
  Lisa Star:Love my Kindle but does not allow add on devices so that is a big filter question
  Linda Joffe:What are the benefits of the Kindle APP on an iPad? don't have a mic but would like to hear comments about confirming the authority of the sources/apps.
  MaryAnne Campo:I love my kindle app on my ipad
  MaryAnne Campo:Im reading many more books now :)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:INFORMAL EXTERMISSION- tell others something valuable you've learned here today either from the presenters or other participants.  Remind others they have access to much of this via  and
  George Guba:I use my 1st gen iPad the most as it has 3G.
  Ilene Frank:I love my old Kindles AND I like my iPad too!  It's great that Kindles are pretty darn cheap.
  Dale Parker:I don't want to buy I stuff because of their lack of social justice for their workers over seas
  Steve Kaufman:Yea, Apple is not the most socially-conscience company
  Steve Kaufman:they've put better measures in place, but still a long way off
  Ilene Frank:What's the best replacement for Google Reader???
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes Vanessa
  Linda Joffe:I'm an online writing instructor.  What apps would be most appropriate for me to use in my classes?
  C:Information literacy, source evaluation interactive app?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Vanessa -ask about using Socrative for asynch purpose
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:How long can you leave the app room open?
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:@Ilene I am trying feedly to replace Google Reader
  MaryAnne Campo:@irene Im looking for a replacement for google reader too
  Ilene Frank:Penny, me too.  I think it'll be ok. I haven't decided yet
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:Gotta go, but thanks.  Appreciate the info and the enthusiasm!
  Karin Thomeier:Just wondering whether there is a way to incorporate audio into socrative or an app like it? Would love to be able to have students record their answers
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Could do what Vanessa just requested w Voicethread - i think
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:For my personal feeds like skating and sewing I am testing Bloglovin
  Lisa Sheard:I am going to try NetVibes as a Reader replacement
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:on my iPad I use Flipboard for all RSS reeds
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Where would you leave the ability to see the result graph?
  Jane Harris:I use Netvibes and like it but I can't add Google Alerts.
  Ilene Frank:Bonnie, I haven't figure out a way to add all those weirdo bloggers I follow on FlipBoard.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:My comment was also that the LMS would have some, with results in graphic form.
  Karron Lewis:gotta go!  Thanks so much for everything!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Yes
  Aaron Carpenter:
  Jane Harris:PollEverywhere is nice - has a 50 responder limit too.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:works great for this also... the question is  how/where you can leave the results (and polleverywhere has an html result you can embed).
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Easy to save or screen capture results of Socrative to share asynchronously?
  nikki:Is there an app to allow the user to watch a video (on iPad) being generated on a platform like Adobe Connect?
  Joy Mark:I believe each platform provides the app
  Joy Mark:Adobe Connect has an app
  Aaron Carpenter:
  MaryAnne Campo:@penny- can you transfer you saved blogs from google reader or do you have to add blogs individually to flipboard?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:There's an iPad /iPhone app for Adobe Connect
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:@MaryAnne I believe once Reader is gone we will need to add them, but I am just starting to work on that. may have missed this before, but will a transcript be available fo this chat for registered users?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Flipboard more than just a "pretty" face!
  MaryAnne Campo:@penny I wish there is a way to "import" them :)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Yes, can import from variety of other newsreaders into Flipboard - som easier than others
  Linda Joffe:I'm an online writing instructor.  What apps would be most appropriate for me to use in my classes?
  MaryAnne Campo:cool-that was my question :)
  Maureen Akins:Ability for students to create timelines
  Steven Grindle:Great survey of cool apps. "Easy and quick" is great when what I have to teach is easy and quick. However, most of what is taught in higher education is challenging and takes time, motivation and repetition.
  Linda Joffe:No!
  Linda Joffe:Interactive writing programs perhaps?
  Ilene Frank:How about grammar apps?
  C:Information literacy, source evaluation interactive app?
  Linda Joffe:Ooh!  I have the same one!  But, how will it help my students become better writers?
  MaryAnne Campo:Im looking  for apps that foster ciritcal thinking- any ideas?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Linda - Don't know my apps for writing, but have a lot of good luck with Google Docs for collaborative writing and peer review/editing.
  Tom Becker:Hello - just joined late. Is there a class survey app like survey monkey designed to use cellphones?
  Linda Joffe:Thanks, Bonnie!  I'll check it out.
  C:I use a bluetooth keyboard regularly. I can hand it to a student and have them demonstrate at the front of the room.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Writing requiress the interaction (and often collaboration), so the ability to sign in and work together is good.  (There are learning softwares out there that have some great tracking/reporting features - Writing Class (Bedford St. Martin's is good).
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Ilene Frank:This might be fun:
  Linda Joffe:Thanks, Guys!  I'll check them up
  Aaron Carpenter:TOM:
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Maureen Akins: Ability for students to create timelines
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:What's "Google Play"?
  nikki:apps for online (sync and async) teaching of Japanese or Chines to blind studentse?
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Nikki - if you send me your contact info I will see what I have
  Cathy Swift:MERLOT has over 1300 mobile apps that are cataloged:
  C:Lots of the elements on MERLOT cry out for handheld applications, others not so much. Any inspiring ideas there?
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I have several apps for japanese - what specifics are you teaching the students - oral, written, etc
  nikki:ok    thanks!
  Cathy Swift:That's it
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Didn't know iPads could taste wine ;-)
  nikki:super!  thank you Penny
  Dale Parker:A true Renaissance Woman Penny
  Charles J. Ansorge: This has been a great session.  Thanks Steven and Aaron.
  Steve Kaufman:You're quite welcome
  Bonnie Oldham:Thanks!
  Aaron Carpenter:welcome!
  George Guba:I'm here to 5, but I appreciate it muchly!
  Ruth Hodges:Y, thanks for an informative afternoon!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:EXTERMISSION- tell others something valuable you've learned here today either from the presenters or other participants.  Remind others they have access to much of this via  and
  MaryAnne Campo:Thank you guys- has been an amazing presentation! Appreciate all the hard work and commentary :)
  Steve Kaufman:you're welcome
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Thank you so much.  It was great!
  Linda Joffe:Thank you, All!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Thanks guys... very good App sharing and great use of Adobe - you are getting so smooth with your texh transfers & multiple device sharing!
  Steve Kaufman:Thanks Bonnie (whew!!!!)
  Aaron Carpenter:Thanks, everyone! It was fun to be a part of it!
  MaryAnne Campo:in case anyone is interested my chrome has not had a problem :)
  Ilene Frank:thanks, guys!
  Steven Grindle:Thank you! Great session!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Thanks - we are always interested (good to know it's more for presenter caution than presenters re: Chrome).
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Happy weekend all!
  C: Ciao!
  Aaron Carpenter:adios!
  Steve Kaufman:buena sera

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