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TGIF: Create Your Online Persona this FridayLive

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Eleventh issue, Volume Six

TLT Group TGIF 3.19.2013           
From TLT Group World Headquarters

Call for volunteers!
Looking for people to serve as Voice of Chat for this weeks session, “Making Sense of Social Media for Teaching: Starting with Your Online Persona.”

Looking for someone to lead a Members Exchange session on how to use Animoto on a Wednesday in April. Animoto is an application that can be used for online introductions. This example was produced by Penny Kuckkahn.

    More from the TLT-SWG Blog:

    Members Only ExchangeSocial Networking/Designated Learner Experiment: Learn JING for Video Capture using Designated Learner Approach
    March 20, 2013 2:00 pm Eastern Time
    Leaders: Featuring Irene Knokh with Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, Cristina Macias, and others

    Silver Cloudians: Let's Get Started Consulting and Mentoring March 27, 2013 2:00 pm Eastern Time Register Here
    Leaders:  Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, Dale Parker, Charles Ansorge, Michael Dabney and others.

    Making Sense of Social Media for Teaching: Starting with Your Online Persona
    March 22, 2013  2:00-3:00 pm ET - free to all.  Register here.
    Presenter: Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet Area Technical College

    Do you think this video reveals too much? Please take a look at
    this 2 minute video prior to the session. More will be revealed on Friday.

    Join Penny Kuckkahn, instructional designer from Nicolet College, as she shares her journey into the big “pie in the sky” world of social media. She will share her pedagogical framework for developing social collaboration and will focus specifically how to develop an online social presence.

    Penny authored the most recent League for Innovations Cross Paper, "Building Connections through Social Collaboration." This link will take you to the publication. You can also follow Penny through her blog.

    Up-coming  FridayLive! schedule:
    April 5 Worst case Online Education, John Sener Returns
    April 12 sMOOChers Continue Debrief with Amy Woodgate
    May 10 Designing Your Courses for Significant Learning vs Covering the Content with Dee Fink and Stewart Ross

    MOOCs Round Two The learning continues....

    sMOOChers (Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup)

    #EDCMOOCers have received their certificates of completion and many are questioning the value. Join in the conversation started by Keeley Soroki Is this Coursera Statement of Accomplishment Worth Anything?

    Encourage. Enable. Engage.

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