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TGIF: Teaching Online for Beginners starts May 16th

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Twentyseventh issue         Volume Seven

TLT Group TGIF 3.18.2014           
From Group World Headquarters

It’s all about MOOCs this week.   On Wednesday we will be planning TOL4B version #2 and on FridayLive we will debrief the 7 Futures schMOOC and MOOCs in general.   Join us!

TLT’s next MOOC begins in May.
MOOCow Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B)  
May 16 - June, 27, 2014

Participate in the planning:
March 19: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl April 23: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl 

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    Members Exchange
    TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl
    March 19, 2014 3-4 pm Eastern
    Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, Nicki Ugalde and others
    Teaching Online for Beginners (#TOL4B) Vs2MOOCow, (Massive Open Online Course Or Whatever) [for Very Smart Dummies]

    Join us as we test whether it is possible to create a mini self introduction during an Adobe Connect session. In order to participate in this experiment, you will need to do the following:
    • CREATE account(s) for YouTube (use your Google Account)  and Screencast-O-matic. In You-Tube, you will also need your own You Tube channel.
    • DEVELOP a mini introduction script, 1 - 2 minutes. This link will help you do that.
    • LOCATE 2 digital images that you will use for your introduction i.e. an image of yourself and one representing your college or discipline.

    Visit working draft instructional design site using Dee Fink's integrated approach to design.
    Please consider joining and adding to our DIIGO Teaching Online for Beginners Repository
    All TLT Group Members and subscribers are welcome to attend and participate. If you are not a member, please email sallygilbert@tltgroup.org or dailey@tltgroup.org if you would like an invitation to participate and attend.  
    Register for the MOOCOW Here
    Future planning event: April 23

    Upcoming Member Exchange events
    March 26: Voice Transcription Planning Meeting
    April 2: Storytelling Goes Digital
    April 23: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl

    Lessons from MOOCs and schMOOCs
    Date: March 21, 2014
    Time: 2:00-3:00 PM ET.  
    Presenters: Steve Gilbert and Beth Dailey, John Sener
    Register Here free to all

    Help us debrief the latest 7 Futures schMOOC experience as well as MOOCs in general.  Let's share what we are learning so future MOOC design and our participation as a learners can be informed.

    Topics to be addressed:
    • Offering various learning paths
    • The role of the Designated Learner
    • How do or should we define success?
    • Should we offer a certificate?
    Interesting resource suggested by TLT Member Ilene Frank, adjunct associate professor at UMUC
    Steven D. Krause, S.D. & Lowe, C  (2014)
    Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promises and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses, Parlor Press, San Francisco, CA. NOTE: there's a free PDF version of the book at

    Up-coming  FridayLive! schedule:
    April 4 Voice Transcription
    April 11 Twitter for Beginners: for Very Smart Dummies

    April 18 No FridayLive

    MOOCs Round Six
    MOOCow Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B)

    MOOCOW = Massively Open Online Course (Or Whatever) -- designed to capture the flexible and experimental nature of this course.
    Join the planning and help further shape the MOOCow:
    March 19: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl
    April 23: TOL4B MOOCow Planning Fishbowl

    Link to planning document

    Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B)   May 16 - June, 27, 2014
    Presenters; Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey and Others

    Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B) is a Massive Open Online Course or Whatever (MOOCow) designed to help you, as a successful faculty member in higher education, begin to teach entirely online or include more online resources and activities in your courses. You care about your students and their learning. You are busy and will continue to be busy. By sampling available options, benefits and drawbacks to teaching online you will cross the starting line. You will experience and experiment with a variety of easy to learn, reliable, widely accessible and least expensive tools and resources and strategies related to creating social presence and building community online. You will realize teaching and learning online does not necessarily mean teaching and learning alone, does not require being overworked, giving up your best teaching or losing meaningful contact with students. It can be satisfying and fun.

    The "Action" path through the MOOCow is designed to help you achieve a variety of learning outcomes and ultimately produce a self-introductory video which will become part of a more complete introductory unit in an online course, as per rubric

    You may also want to chose a Design It Yourself (DIY) path to meet your own learning goals.
    MOOCow Schedule will be available soon

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    Encourage. Enable. Engage.

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