Monday, May 26, 2014

Brief amusing SciFi re use of virtual reality & biofeedback (controlled by others) to modify/train self “Perfect Day” CS Friedman

Amusing brief science fiction re future use of virtual reality & biofeedback to modify, train,  regulate oneself;  but not always entirely under one's own control or awareness.  
'Perfect Day’ first appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2012 issue.  Approx 6 pp. when printed with small font.  
"When Stanley Betterman awoke Monday morning he didn’t know that everyone else in the world was naked.  ...
"...Stanley scrubbed his teeth until they gleamed, then let his bathroom scanner point out the bits of plaque he’d missed. CONGRATULATIONS! his brainware projected when he was done, bright red caps scrolling across his field of vision as a trumpet fanfare blared in his ears. YOU GOT IT ALL! The accolade made his head hurt, but running the Positive Reinforcement Suite earned him a two percent discount on his health insurance, ..."

"This work is copyright by Celia Friedman. No permission is given to do anything other than read it here, on my website. If you want to share it with anyone, please invite them to visit the website."

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