Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Need tools/resources/activities work BETTER than expected when you BEGAN teaching online. Tweet to #tltgTOL4B see

Tweet your suggestions to #tltgTOL4B or use TooFast survey:

In our MOOCOW "Teaching Online for Beginners 2" we're actively seeking recommendations about tools, activities, and resources - as well as advice from those who have already taught online courses successfully. Our intended participants are:
A. higher ed faculty who have already taught successfully in "traditional" face-to-face courses and who are soon to begin teaching online.
B. those who help colleagues in category A
For more info about the MOOCOW, "Teaching Online for Beginners:  Crossing the Starting Line" see

Please describe some examples from these three categories of tools, resources, or activities that you used when teaching online.   Those that:
1. Worked BETTER than expected when you BEGAN teaching online? And you continue to use and recommend it!2. Worked WORSE than expected when you BEGAN teaching online? Cautionary advice about it?3. Enabled you and your students to achieve at least SOME results BETTER than face-to-face? [Results that may seem quite "small," but they were significant to YOU and your students.]

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