Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ASK How RESPOND to students’ course evals? BEFORE ask Best time read them?

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"Best time?" is secondary question. 
 First question is "How can faculty respond usefully to students' conscientious course evaluations?" I.e., demonstrate to students that their constructive responses to course evaluation requests will be treated respectfully and contribute to course improvements. 
See transcript, recording of "Holy ****, you're actually listening to me:
Student-Faculty Collaboration to Improve Courses"
This session ended with discussion of need for trust, respect between faculty and students! Fridaylive session 5/20/2011 http://tlt.gs/frlvfacstudcollab
Image:  Photo of leader speaking harshly to marine trainees 
By John Kennicutt, U.S. Marine Corps (http://www.marines.mil; VRIN: 090708-M-9842K-008) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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