Monday, May 02, 2011

Who owns your online course if a colleague teaches it?

5/6 2pm EDT "Developing Online Instructional Resources Website"  Free Registration
"Will you pass this course along to be taught by another after you have developed it?"

How much of ANY course can you "pass along" to a colleague?  

Presenters: Lois Rosen, Deborah DeZure, and Eron Drake, Michigan State University
More...Instructor Considerations - Planning for Your Course | vuDAT (Virtual University Design & Technology)
In online courses, it is becoming especially important to distinguish among
  • online course materials and resources
  • online teaching and learning experiences
  • and complete courses.
The MIT OpenCourseWare project, one of the first and best known sources of "open education resources" distinguishes quite clearly between course resources and courses:  "MIT OpenCourseWare is intended as a publication of MIT course materials, not as an interactive experience with MIT faculty. MIT OpenCourseWare does not offer users the opportunity for direct contact with MIT faculty. It provides the content of - but is not a substitute for - an MIT education."  More... Also see:  and

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