Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Open Educ Digital Textbook Alternatives - Webinar Recording

Re "FlatWorldKnowledge" model youtu.be/zGCGJ-VbBEg Live April 12, 2011

Model:  Faculty "adopt" and "customize" digital version which is made accessible online for free to students.  Anyone can purchase other formats (print, audio) and other related materials.
Webinar title "SPOTLIGHT ON INNOVATION: Attacking High Text Costs While Improving Outcomes"
"The beauty of Flat World Knowledge is that there truly is no catch. You are welcome to read as many textbooks free online as you like. But you might be willing, given that the price is right, to purchase other formats like print, audio, printable PDFs, and study aids that make learning efficient, and better suit your lifestyle and personal preferences." - From Student Frequently Asked Questions | Flat World Knowledge

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