Friday, May 06, 2011

What are the courses like in Autodidact University? Who will register?

Has the line between "autodidacts" and others suddenly disappeared? Or is it just eroding?   Faster?  
Why are these questions important now when librarians, especially, have been providing resources to support a great many self-directed learners for a very long time?  Because the VARIETY, QUANTITY, and AVAILABILITY of these resources is changing faster and faster at the same time that educational institutions are under increasing economic and political pressure to change.   This confluence of conditions leads some to undervalue courses, teachers, and educational institutions.
But I believe that most human beings still need "courses" - teachers, group interaction, and external structure (schedule, etc.) for many important kinds of learning. 

The key question becomes (actually remains) "Who can learn what alone?"
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Steve Gilbert  May, 2011  

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