Friday, September 28, 2012

"App for That 2.0" IOS/Android/Chrome Ed Apps Slides, Chat Transcript TLTGroup's #TLTGfrlv FridayLive! 9/28 online free

"App for That 2.0" IOS/Android/Chrome Ed Apps Slides, Chat Transcript TLTGroup's FridayLive! 9/28/2012 online free #TLTGfrlv
Apps for iPhones, iPads, Android devices, desktops, browsers, ...  For those barely beginning to consider such things, as well as those eager for the latest good apps.  

Presenters: Steve Kaufman and Tim Lombardo, Ashland University

Please find below: Text chat transcript (including many links shared by  FridayLive! participants) and links to other resources (slides, archives).

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Text Chat Transcript...

Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Welcome all!

  Deirdre Bonnycastle:I'll leave then since I can only stay for 1/2. I'll listen to recording.
  Beth Dailey:Do you have a headset and would you like to test it out before we get started?
  Frank Parker - JCSU:Hello
  Joseph Delaney:hello
  Sue Dion:I"m doing a sound test, is there currently any sound?
  Frank Parker - JCSU:Sound Good
  Beth Dailey:Can you here Sally talking?
  Sue Dion:no sound is gettting through
  Marianne Sade:                                                                           I can hear you.       In Baltimore :)
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Sue- it sometimes helps if you logout and login again
  Beth Dailey:Sue you may want to run the audio wizard.  Go up to the top and click on Meeting
  Sue Dion:got it!
  Emily Gover:Audio is good for me, too.
  Marianne Sade:I am not using a headset
  Emily Gover:Checking in today from a soggy Westchester County, NY
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Hi, I'm Beth Kiggins coming in from the University of Indianapolis
  Sue Dion:Sue Dion here , checking in from balmy Minnesota
  Aimee Dars Ellis:Hello! I am in the Business School at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.
  Marianne Sade:Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore...
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Yes, I am... named after my mother
  Amy W. Boykin:Hi!  This is Amy from Newport News, Virginia!
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:Lorette Calix, SUNY/ESC, but in Honduras
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Didn't clarify, I am an Elizabeth
  Joseph Delaney:Joe Delaney, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ
  Sue Dion:Ditto!
  Marianne Sade:Sunny  in Charm City, too :)
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Our leaves are just beginning to change
  Aimee Dars Ellis:Would it be helpful to have our iPads/iPhones on hand?
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:too soft
  Emily Gover:Baltimore!
  Marianne Sade:Baltimore!
  Marianne Sade:Land of "Hons" and John Waters...
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Lookin good - Steve K- via webcam... (for that brief moment)
  Marianne Sade:Eventually, so you're good :)
  Aimee Dars Ellis:And setting of the greatest TV shows - The Wire & Homicide!
  Marianne Sade:Of course
  Nancy Menning:Hi! I'm with the religious studies department at Ithaca College.
  Janice O'Rourke:St. Louis, MO here
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:Welcome from sunny Charlotte NC!
  Marianne Sade:HA! I usually don't lead off with the wire...
  Marianne Sade:even though it's amazing
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:The presenters voices are light
  Dolores Brzycki:It's not 2:00 yet - more will join?
  Steve Kaufman:Hi Everyone!
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:I'm in the Center for Teaching & Learning at Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte.
  Marianne Sade:yes, speaker is a "low talker?"
  Steve Kaufman:I'll speak up for ya
  Emily Gover:Presenters audio is a little soft compared to Beth's.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Hey Sam!
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:What? No "walk-in" music today?
  Emily Gover:But we can hear ;)
  Virginia Arp, Gannon U:cant  hear the presenter
  Marianne Sade:can steve's mike be turned up?
  Marianne Sade:yes please
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Sam - we'll get the music back... by the end, or next session.
  Frank Parker - JCSU:up slightly
  Emily Gover:Yes, if you can turn the mic up, that'd be great.
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Presenters' voices have been light
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:You sound OK Steve - to me.
  Emily Gover:We can hear other people typing on their keyboards. :\
  Steve Kaufman:I think Steve has such a great radio voice....
  Sharon Valente:Hey Tim and Steve.  How's life in Ashland
  Beth Dailey:If you co tinue to not be able to hear, try log out and then back in
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:For those of you who can't hear well, try turning your volume up on your computer (should help all around)
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Hello from Oregon. connected via iPhone to FridayLive.
  Steve Kaufman:Hi Sharon!!!!
  Steve Kaufman:it's good!
  Steve Kaufman:Good to have you here!
  Sharon Valente:Good to be here.  Give my best to your charming wife
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Even clearer sound now Steve G.
  Sue Dion:is someone talking?
  Marianne Sade:hum...speaker's voice setting is on highest but steve you're still very low
  Marianne Sade:Sally, your voice was perfect...if this helps?
  Beth Dailey:Hi Sue,
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@ Sue - yes Steve is speaking.
  Sharon Valente:Learn something new
  Beth Dailey:yes, someone is talking'if you can;t hear, try the sudio wizard under the "Meeting" tab at the top
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:Students are mobile.  Would like some ideas for good aps I could try to use with them.
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Knowledge of apps students can use in the classroom (pre-service teachers) and studetns in general
  Frank Parker - JCSU:Good Apps that really works for students
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Hope you all can respond to these Fundamental Questions via text chat right here!
  Michael Dabney:expand my awareness of and utility of apps
  Eric Werth:Apps that work both on iOS and Android devices.
  Heather Hazelwood:Really would like to know ways in which iPad/Apps can be used in the classroom - higher ed
  Marianne Sade:yes, what everyone else has mentioned already, in academic library
  Sue Dion:apps that work for students with limited app access
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:1. Looking for practical app or two that I can use.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@ Sue - if Beth's suggestion about the Audio wizard doesn't help, close your browser out and open again (perhaps even a differen browser) and log back in again.  Close out as many other windows you might have open as possible.  All that will help with sound.
  Sharon Valente:I second Sam's request
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:How so students know what apps to choose? Can apps be evaluated by the novice somehow?
  Sharon Valente:Speaking as a faculty member who has worked with Steve, I concur that it's important that we use technology for the sake of enhancing acquisition of slos
  Steve Kaufman:thanks Sharon :)
  Eugenia Fernandez:Student-student and faculty-student interaction
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:Connections in the classroom
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Once we begin the session, please use a PRIVATE message to Beth Dailey if you have a problem or question about the technical adjustment or functionality of this system.
  marsha sato:It's important for me to focus on developing emotional intelligence.
  Steve Kaufman:right on Tim
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Agree with Eugenia and Lorette
  Sharon Valente:I most cherish just that - enhancing student's acquisition of slos.  I also cherish every single opportunity to work with both Steve and Tim.  Great colleagues and friends.
  Heather Hazelwood:haha me too!
  Dolores Brzycki:the human element, interaction
  Beth Dailey:that's funny
  Sharon Valente:So don't put your ipad in your suitcase
  Steve Kaufman:agreed
  Emily Gover:Beth's mic isn't on? :\
  Emily Gover:At least, I don't see the icon
  Eric Werth:YEs
  Sharon Valente:Yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Yes loud & clear beth
  Marianne Sade:not anymore
  Steve Kaufman:63 people? No pressure!
  Eugenia McAllister:Eugenia McAllister, AUgusta Technical College! Hello All
  Steve Kaufman:Hi Eugenia!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Don't worry Steve K - the room can only handle 100 participants at a time ;-)
  Steve Kaufman:oh good. :)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Once we begin the session, please use a PRIVATE message to Beth Dailey if you have a problem or question about the technical adjustment or functionality of this system.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I will do my best as VoC today... althought it's already really vibrant - so make sure to re-post if we miss something that was critical to you all.
  Steve Kaufman:Awesome!
  Sheryl Barnes:can you post that URL to the chat?
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Has anyone gotten Adobe Connect to work on the iPad or perhaps the App for that?
  Mary Pat Neylon, Molloy College:I don't seem to have the vocal with my headphones
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Yes, I use it on my tablet
  Cindy Jennings:Yes, there is an iPad great!
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:App for android too!
  Eric Werth:I don't have my iPad now but I have joined and hosted with an iPad and it worked very well.
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Thanks, will try to find it. Safari couldn't locate the "room"
  John Munro:Beth is really LOUD and Steve is ok as usual
  Cindy Jennings:I usually log in as a participant on the iPad while I host on my I can SEE what the audience is seeing....when we run sessions here.
  Steve Kaufman:love the candid pic--- gee thanks Steve ;)
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Good idea Cindy, thanks!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:@Cindy - great idea - I have been using 2 computers - now it will be easier.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Google images
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:yes
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Marianne Sade:yes
  Qi Dunsworth:yes
  Sheryl Barnes:yes
  Shirley Lesch:yes
  Paula Calahan:yes
  Emily Gover:Yep!
  Julio Rodriguez (Pace U):yes
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:yes
  Mary Pat Neylon, Molloy College:yes
  John Munro:wave back
  Liv Valmestad:yes
  Sharon Valente:Hi Steve.  Cold enough for a sweater?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:We're already working on scheduling return sessions in Feb and April... or other months.
  Sharon Valente:No picture of Tim :( but we can hear him
  Sharon Valente:Steve, excellent
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Steve & Tim were the first to get us to try to use the webcam options... and we are beginning to find this helpful... even tho i can't see tim yet.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Now good!
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:@Beth: there is an Adobe Connect mobile for iOS app in the App Store
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Yes we can
  Steve Kaufman:ow ow Timmy!
  Sharon Valente:LOL!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Yes we need Android apps also!
  Cindy Jennings:Share your desktop, not the window or app.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:We're grateful for Steve  & Tim's commitment to using, supporting multiple platforms, options (Apple IOS iPhones, iPads;  Android devices;  Google Chrome)
  Dolores Brzycki:lost the transmission?
  Qi Dunsworth:crash #1
  Emily Gover:Oh dear :|
  Steve Kaufman:back
  Steve Kaufman:no keeping count!
  Steve Kaufman::)
  Cindy Jennings:Uh oh.
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:Plan B?
  Emily Gover:Yep
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Heather Hazelwood:yes
  Liv Valmestad:yes
  Julio Rodriguez (Pace U):yes
  Dolores Brzycki:yes
  Antonella Ward:no
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We see your whole desktop (so the window is a bit small to see)
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:rather than just this browser window.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:1.  Android Screenshots and Screen Capture (code-name Ashot) [Tim Lombardo]  AirServer [Steve Kaufman]
  Joseph Delaney:yes
  Sheryl Barnes:yes
  Eugenia Fernandez:yes
  Julio Rodriguez (Pace U):yes
  Heather Hazelwood:who do you have pay for it?  each faculty member?
  Mary Pat Neylon, Molloy College 2:yes
  Heather Hazelwood:great, thank you!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:In our prep sessions, I was amazed at the quality of the visuals that Steve & Tim were able to display via Adobe using these two apps
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT Apps: 1) Frog Dissection
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:(presentations via AirServer)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:And even more amazed when they explained how easy & effective and INEXPENSIVE these options are for demos, presentations, projected in a c"face-t0-face" and/or online classroom!
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:No more frogs need die!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I'm vegetarian... but also science oriented, so I can handle it ;-)
  Beth Dailey:I am remembering biology
  Sharon Valente:Me too
  Emily:Do I smell formaldahyde?
  Beth Dailey:I do too. :)
  Aimee Dars Ellis:I'm vegan and I'd much rather students work on virtual than living frogs! :)
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:very cool app!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Bonnie, i think you can use this to disect carrots too
  Joan:how much is that app? How do you capture the screencast from this app to post in Angel?
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:YES!
  John Munro:yes
  Sharon Valente:Can this be saved/captured?  so as one needs to produce evidence that students have done activities,  and have met slos.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:You can also mute and record your own voice/instructions using Jing or Screen-cast-omatic (PC).
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Full Screen HD Recording"  HD= High Definition
  Sharon Valente:Which means you can capture this for reaccreditation with HLC, SACSCOC, Middle States, etc.
  Sharon Valente:YEA!!!!
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:OnLive Desktop is a great MS Office that's free for the iPad, light version of Office, docs stored in the cloud, 2GB of free storage
  Beth Dailey:Good to know about JING, thanks Steve
  Heather Hazelwood:@Beth...I would also recommond CloudOn for MS office which is free and integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.  On Live does not you have to use their storage...
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Here's our GDoc on Jing:
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Good point, Heather. Thanks.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SharonV - could you add a little more about your comment about "reaccreditation" - for individuals?  institutions?  both?
  Sharon Valente:Steve, great point.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:[SteveK - can you use America's Economy App to fix our economy?]
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT Apps: 2) America's Economy
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"There is no App for that."
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Safari = Apple proprietary browser - now avail for most other platforms too
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT Apps: 3) Google Chrome for the iPad (browser alternative to Safari)
  Emily Gover:Chrome >
  Emily Gover:(in my humble opinion) ;-0
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Chrome doesn't have the Adobe Connect plug-in and consequently doesn't work with Adobe Connect
  Sharon Valente:Let me give an example.  For SACSCOC, an institution has to provide evidence that student learning is measured and evaluated.  Then, the program needs to act on that data (SACSCOC CS  How does an institution provide evidence of student's acquisition of skills such as frog dissection or artwork or ...?  Not only does this allow the institution to provide evidence, it is vivid and clearly displays what the student can and cannot do.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Will Chrome handle flash on iPad?
  Beth Dailey:Google Chrome for the iPad is GREAT to know!!!
  Taimi Olsen:Anyone using ASUS transformer?  What browser works best?
  Paula Calahan:how much is google chrome
  Joseph Delaney:No flash for ipad, not even in Chrome
  Emily Gover:Google Chrome is free!
  Frank Parker - JCSU:Photon for the IPAD is good if you need flash
  Eric Werth:I bought the Puffin Browser for my iPad and it seems to work well.
  Taimi Olsen:ASUS has flash :) (cause it's android)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I just started using Chrome on iPad and (happily) found that it has features that allow synchronizing in ways that mean when I use Chrome from almost any device if I sign in with my Google Account I have almost immediately access to almost all the tabs, bookmarks, etc. - same across almost all devices
  Joseph Delaney:Adobe is discontinuing Flash for mobile - eventually no flash for any tablet
  Steve Kaufman:HTML 5 > Flash
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Sheryl Barnes:yes
  Emily Gover:Yep
  Julio Rodriguez (Pace U):yes
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT Apps: 4) 3D Brain (see some of this... sort of... go check it out).
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:We hope that the shift from Flash to HTML5 will mean that we'll be able to "play" videos mostly the same on almost any browser or internet-friendly device.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Kaufman:never saw that one before. Cool@
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@ Joseph & Steve K - I know we are moving away from flash... but I'm looking at the reality from now for ... what?  Next 2 years or so while we transition?
  Steve Kaufman:i would say sooner- i give them a year or so
  Steve Kaufman:Adobe just laid off a bunch of flash developers
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT Apps: 5) ASL - American Sign Language (android)
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT Apps: 6) Buildings (android)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:These Apps (related to disabilities) can be VERY helpful when you're trying to comply with legal requirements as well as just trying to make sure your instructional resources are use-able for the widest range of learners and teachers
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Hey - we can see it... so that's nicely cool.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 7) NASA
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Can we see current Curiosity?
  Taimi Olsen:What is the link for the building app?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:THIS IS A LIVE DEMO VIA AN ANDROID PHONE???   don't need apologies, this is VERY impressive - proves what can be done EVEN within the limitations of one's own personal phone!
  Tim Lombardo:
  Taimi Olsen:Thank you!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 8) Star Chart (paid app - android)
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:what's "AR"?
  Steve Kaufman:Augmented Reality
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:NOTE:  probably majority of Apps are free, but even those that have an initial fee (and the fees that many free Apps charge for enhancements) are usually closer to $1.00 than to $10.00
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:thanks
  Steve Kaufman:with Apps, read the reviews before you purchase
  Steve Kaufman:unfortunately, it's not always a case of you get what you pay for
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Any of you in the "audience" have a favorite App to recommend to the rest of us?  Pls go ahead and put something in the Chat - if you can include a URL that would be esp. helpful
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Is the 3DBrain available for the iPad?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 9) (android-paid app)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:   3Dbrain for iPhone & iPad
  Heather Hazelwood:Cloud On - mentioned previously:
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:the app I use most is Evernote. Can access it on my iPad and any of my computers, too.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Nice you two can tag team...
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Thanks, Steve. My iPad is only a couple weeks old!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:HeatherH - add something about any particular uses of Cloud On that you've found esp helpful as teacher/learner?
  Cindy Jennings:@Beth: Yes....there is 3D brain for iPad.
  Tim Lombardo:yes
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Cindy Jennings:Yes.
  Marianne Sade:yes
  Julio Rodriguez (Pace U):yes
  Bill Jennings 2:yes
  Dolores Brzycki:yes
  Aimee Dars Ellis:I actually don't have an app to recommend, but I am in search of an app that will help me record/track student participation in discussion.
  Sheryl Barnes:yes
  Julio Rodriguez (Pace U):yes!
  Sharon Valente:Yes
  Tim Lombardo:yes!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  WOW!
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:yes
  Beth Dailey: cool
  Marianne Sade:yes
  Sam Eneman, Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte:yes
  Marianne Sade:nice
  Heather Hazelwood:Aurasma -  Very Cool!  -  haven't used this YET...but it turns static objects into video....lots of uses for teaching, there is a great TED talk on their website about it
  Marianne Sade::)
  Cindy Jennings:Just making sure....the AirPlay is on the computer....the iPad detects it to make it possible to connect?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Tim Lombardo:yes!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Socrative website home page has separate logins for teachers and students
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 10) Socrative  Air Server (shows 2 iPads simultaneously)
  Cindy Jennings:  I have app...can join your room...can you share ID?
  Heather Hazelwood:In regards to CloudOn - it allows for the ability to use track changes, so if you want to grade assignments using track changes on your iPad, it is now possible.  You just have to first download it into either Dropbox, Box, or Googld Drive from either your email or LMS.   But once it is graded and saved to your cloud storage, you just have to email or upload it back to the LMS for students.  No printing....yeah!!
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Cool! Heather. Thanks for the info!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Nice Heather
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:go to and enter the room #    11984 in the student login place - don't need any account or id
  Cindy Jennings:Cool!! Great demo!
  David McCurry, TLT Group:I see lots of possibilities for small group work with this app.
  Cindy Jennings:Awesome!
  Taimi Olsen:Cool!!
  Jane SIms:Could you use socrative instead of clickers?
  Cindy Jennings:They need app and room number.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:No - I just got into the room #
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I didn't download it
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:just went to the web.
  Beth Dailey:plus you can use this on a tablet
  Cindy Jennings:Ah...nice...Thanks @Bonnie.
  Paula Calahan:very nice!
  Jane SIms:Thanks, I think students will appeciate not needing to buy a $40 clicker
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:makes it even faster... or more possible.
  Beth Dailey:I agree jane
  Marianne Sade:better than clickers i suspect
  Cindy Jennings:No cost for texting ...
  Marianne Sade:yes
  Julio Rodriguez (Pace U):yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Good activity for all of us to do - Thanks
  Heather Hazelwood:We have a polleverywhere license....but Socrative seems very good for on the fly use!
  Eugenia McAllister:I really like this one!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 11)  Unstuck
  Beth Dailey:I like polleverywhere too Heather
  Qi  is great if no grades attache
  Qi Dunsworth:d
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:54 of those registered today are individual members either through their institutions or on their own.  Thanks so much for supporting FridayLive!.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:this is totally cool
  Sharon Valente:Sally, thank YOU!  Each time I attend, it's like a major battery recharge
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:You're welcome Sharon
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Agree with Sharon!
  Sharon Valente::)
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:30 of those registered for today are from institutions which previously were TLT Group subscribers!  See if you can get your institution to renew!  $995 per year.  Gives everyone who wants it TLT Group  Individual Membership
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Mic privileges
  Beth Dailey:I love your enthusiasm
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Mic privileges
  Sharon Valente:I need to go, but thank you.  Steve, Tim, all the best!
  Steve Kaufman:thanks Sharon!
  Tim Lombardo:Thank you Sharon!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:hearing you now
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Steve Kaufman:Going to show some Google Chrome Apps as well
  Eric Werth:Thank you all.  I enjoyed the presentation and got some greate ideas!
  Kyle Songer 2:Yes, the iPad version is great.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Chuck is using Adobe Connect Mobile on his iPhone
  Beth Dailey:Are you saying Chuck, that you couldn;t see the screen as well
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Do we know if this will be working via Android? (anyone checked this yet?)
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Thanks Eric
  Beth Dailey:Is anyone else joining via an iPhone or iPad tpday?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Socrative!
  Kyle Songer 2:I have had many good experiences with the iPhone and iPad mobile app connect mobile.
  Paula Calahan:definitely the "Socrative" app!!!
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:Definitiely going to share some of the aps.
  Cindy Jennings:AirServer...and already shared it!!  :)
  Kyle Songer 2:I can monitor the chat and input both audio and text.
  Steve Kaufman:awesome!
  Sue Dion:I am still wondering how a student with no access could do more than see our screen caputures of us using various apps
  Marianne Sade:perhaps adding "aps" to LibGuides on subjects
  Taimi Olsen:unstuck and socrative are two that I'm taking to other faculty as useful for undergrads--the first to help them, the second to use in class!
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Appreciate knowledge of new apps I can explore immediately
  Shirley Lesch:I will try to use some of the apps and share them with my colleagues
  Aimee Dars Ellis:I already shared the  unstuck app with my Organizational Behavior students. I will also share socrative with coworkers.
  Shirley Lesch:Thanks very much for this session
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Steve K & Tim - one conversation that happened early on is whether one can access flash on iPad/iPhone?  Comments on how quick things are moving towards html5.  Might speak to this in aftersession.
  Steve Kaufman:Flash- sadly no
  Steve Kaufman:not even with chrome in most cases
  Steve Kaufman:HTML 5 based web sites look amazing in Chrome
  Beth Dailey:I want to try Google Chrome on the iPad
  Frank Parker - JCSU:Use Photon App for flash on Iphone and iPAD
  Heather Hazelwood:A free flash workaround for ipad is the educational browser Rover -
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Still a problem we are trying to solve as many of the Learning Softwares we are using w/ Developmental Studies Students. Frank P's suggestions is well appreciated.
  Tim Lombardo:Flash is starting to be unsupported on Android as well
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SMOOCHERS: Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup Oct8-Nov18 Current/Future Hi Ed #tltgSMOOCHERS
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:as is Heathers.
  Steve Kaufman:I have a cool AAC app to share for developmental students
  Steve Kaufman:Called: Verbally
  Frank Parker - JCSU:  For Flash on Iphone and IPAD
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:please do... when we come back.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Pls share something from this session with some colleague(s)
  Kyle Songer 2:Using a itualizatio program such as CITRIX Reciever or OnClud using the IE inside the virtualization app is a great way to navigate to a flash URL and play the flash.
  Steve Kaufman:I'm so relaxed right now
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:30 seconds
  Kyle Songer 2:virtualization...sorry
  Qi Dunsworth:Steve, can those apps be acessed on regular computers? my class is in a lab
  Virginia Arp, Gannon U:Thanks -- This has been great!
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Steve, I've been doing that throughout the session with a colleague who is starting an iPad users grup on campus. LOL. thanks
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:30 of those registered for today are from institutions which previously were TLT Group subscribers!  See if you can get your institution to renew!  $995 per year.  Gives everyone who wants it TLT Group  Individual Membership
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:54 of those registered today are individual members either through their institutions or on their own.  Thanks so much for supporting FridayLive!.
  Marianne Sade:Thanks a lot!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Just saying
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Thanks Frank - I think it will take a little longer for the software structures to catch up with this.  Since we just did redesign and have just selected & integrated these (and laptop carts) I'm really looking for a way to 'lighten up' the laptop experience and move into tablets (iPad - if flash capable... or otherwise).  So thanks.
  Aimee Dars Ellis:I really like chrome on the ipad and iphone.
  Marianne Sade:what's great about chrome?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:or get an instructional tech person to support you
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:BYOAtS: Bring Your Own Apps to Share!
  Steve = Steve Kaufman
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Penultimate:   Practice, practice, practice, ... be comfortable WHEN things don't work!
  Beth Kiggins - UIndy:Thanks for everything!
  Steve Kaufman:46 people! Woohoo! This is your bonus. :)
  Qi Dunsworth:actually have to run, thanks!!
  Steve Kaufman:Yes- going to show chrome apps
  Steve Kaufman:For Free
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Bonnie - looking forward to Flash integration/accomodation and to using Apps - workarounds - to view/use video that is still only avail in Flash format
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:that URL will give you access to posts that will include the FULL transcript (except for private msgs) after we finish today completely
  Tim Lombardo:yep!
  Paula Calahan:yes
  Frank Parker - JCSU:yes
  Marianne Sade:yes
  Larry Sleznikow:Yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes - althougth we are seeing the whole Adobe screen (rather than just your screenshare)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:And we'll be sending a link /URL  to the full "archive" (video including sound) of this entire session
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 12)  Proloquo2Go
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:AssistiveWare's powerful but unusually expensive app
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 13) Verbally
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Free similar less powerful?  App Verbally
  Aimee Dars Ellis:yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes
  Joseph Delaney:yes
  Heather Hazelwood:Yes to Smartboards
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:and yes - airliners are a bit wierd
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 14)  Airflow
  Heather Hazelwood:Smartnotebook just came out with an App -
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Lisa Star has worked with us often and presented often inFrLv - she works mostly now via Dragon - via voice without any keyboard
  Beth Dailey:Are you using your finger?
  Beth Dailey:to write?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Inkflow plus (paid - has greater capabilities)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:!/id519524685?mt=8
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes
  Marianne Sade:yes
  Bill Jennings 2:yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 15)  via Google Chrome - new tabs will have all installed apps - chrome store - see Education apps (lots of great ones)
  Heather Hazelwood:another product from the makers of Inkflow in AirSketch... you can upload a pdf/photo and annotate on it and save it -
  Sheryl Barnes:need to zoom in a little if we are to read the names...
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Biiodigital Human, Slidepoint, Language Learner...Games...
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:And will the Apps that you select to add into your Chrome browser on one device also then appear wheever you use Chrome on any device - after you sign in with your Google Acct?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 16)  Quizlet (shared quizzes)
  Taimi Olsen:my son's spanish class uses quizlet.  the teacher can also create cards for the class.
  Cindy Jennings:Hmmm...not finding Quizlet in the app store.
  Kyle Songer 2:I heard the sound.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Cindy - did you try it via the Chrome search?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:(that's what he was showing).
  Kyle Songer 2:Ambiant sound.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:or did you want to know if it is available on iPad?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:The audio in Adobe is most likely via his mic.
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:needs to be hooked into sound in the classroom setting.
  Marianne Sade:you can google quizlet and it will come up
  David McCurry, Converse College:Have to go. Great job everyone!
  Beth Dailey:Good to see you Davud!
  Cindy Jennings:Got it @Marianne! Thanks!!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 17)  Typing practice program (name?)
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TypeFU
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 18) Country Flags
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Reminder - before you leave for wonderful weekend...  if you want to help us figure out how to take advantage of MOOCs etc. for good educaitonal purposes...  SMOOCHERS: Smart MOOCs Higher Education Research Subgroup Oct8-Nov18 Current/Future Hi Ed #tltgSMOOCHERS
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:(works with Google Earth)
  Marianne Sade:you're welcome
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 19) Biodigital Human (now requires signin)
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Chrome webstore - go and look first at Education, then click Add to Chrome (and read ratings).
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Last 5 minutes:  anyone got a request for a kind of App?
  Steve Kaufman:don't forget to reshare your screen tim
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 20) Flags of the World
  Bill Jennings 2:yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:no
  Aimee Dars Ellis:I'm looking for a spreadsheet type app - I can't seem to get cloudon to work.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Einstein's brain in action.... really ...
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Downloaded Chrome to my iPad 2 that has iOS 6 on it and got a message saying "sorry, your operating system is not supported just yet."
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:TLT App: 21) MapMyFitness+ (android)
  Steve Kaufman:Aimee- my best suggestion for that is to download Numbers from the app store
  Steve Kaufman:it really is the best
  Heather Hazelwood:@ Aimee, out of curiousity, what is not working in regards to CloudOn?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Any last question?
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We're at the bottom of our half hour...end of our 30 min aftersession.
  Aimee Dars Ellis:Thanks, Steve. @Heather - it's probably user error, but I can't get any documents from dropbox to load.
  Beth Dailey:There is a free Ryder Cup ap if you want to stay up-to-date
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:No
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:No.
  Tim Lombardo:Yes
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes
  Beth Dailey:yes
  Heather Hazelwood:@ Aimee - hmmm.... :(
  Tim Lombardo:Google Translate is also on Android
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Other Apps to look for:  Google Translate, Google Earth App, HIstory Maps (different period maps), Louvre Tour ...
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Molecules, ...
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:(I would add: TED Talks)
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln 2:8-)
  Marianne Sade:great topic!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:The excitement is wonderfully palpable. - Many Thanks!
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln 2:Thanks Tim and Steve.
  Aimee Dars Ellis:Thank you!
  Marianne Sade:Thanks again!
  Lorette Pellettiere Calix:Thanks so much!  Appreciate the sharing.
  Tim Lombardo:you're welcome!
  Beth Dailey:thank you all
  Bill Jennings:tnx
  Steve Kaufman:hope you got some great ideas!
  Heather Hazelwood:Thank You!!
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I will need to take off... thanks for a great session.
  Beth Dailey:yes, many great ideas
  Dorothy:Thanks, everyone.  This has been great.
  Beth Dailey:bye Bonnie
  Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  Frank Parker - JCSU:Thanks very much for the ideas
  John Munro:got interrupted,but will revisit the archive and THANK YOU all
  Paula Calahan:Thanks! Great job!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Thanks!
  Cindy Jennings:Thanks all!! Great session!!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:

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