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"Nuggets/Nudges/Nexts: Share/shape good ideas,resources,steps" Slides, Chat Transcript #TLTGFrLv 20120914 TLTGroup

"Nuggets/Nudges/Nexts" FridayLive! Sept14 2pmET
Join us every/any week as we continue to share good ideas, resources, suggestions, and specific [small] next steps in the TLT Group's FridayLive! free weekly online sessions   

Please find below: Text chat transcript (including many links shared by  FridayLive! participants) and links to other resources (slides, archives)
Call for Proposals - Draft (for future FridayLive! sessions and other TLT Group online events) 
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Text Chat Transcript...
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Welcome!  Take a look at the draft Call for Proposals for the TLT Group's online events 2012-2013:

  Lou Zweier:yes, but you are kind of loud and distorted
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Loud and clear!
  Lou Zweier:no  about the same
  Lou Zweier:yes, a little better
  Maida Tilchen:Sure I can hear thanks.
  Maida Tilchen:I'm getting echoes on every word
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Maida  are you logged in twice
  Maida Tilchen:yes
  Lou Zweier:no
  Lou Zweier:no
  Eric Werth:no echos
  Maida Tilchen:yes that's probably it
  Lou Zweier:you sound fine
  Maida Tilchen:ok now sorry
  Lou Zweier:yes it does
  Lou Zweier:I've found that very useful too
  John Munro:no mike sorry
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Virgin Islands!
  John Munro:yes, we don't usually wine, we rum.... :-)
  Lou Zweier:Just FYI - I will need to leave the session today at 11:50
  John Munro:make a module of earlybird "session" for asynch access/info
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:good idea John
  Eric Werth:I really like the afterthoughts segment.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:thanks
  Lou Zweier:meant for many years
  John Munro:it's been continually refining... what doesn't work, doesn't survive/continue
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:they also tend to depart quickly when its memorial day weekend!
  John Munro:maybe a beforethoughs session (separate day? but not too far before)
  John Munro:thoughts
  Maida Tilchen:I thought the Enders Game ones were the most engaging for me.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Rotate day of week for them sessions. Anything but Mondays might help.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:I agree, every session is not right for every one every time
  John Munro:agree re: Mondays, but FriLive is nice to count on.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Lou - help people enter with well-matched expectations for session
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:We would really truly welcome recommendations for sessions and presenters.  Yourself included.
  Lou Zweier:very useful tidbits
  George Guba:ideas
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:GAIN:  more volunteers
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Keeping up with technology relataed to teaching and learning.
  John Munro:perspectives and ideas from valued/vetted  virtual colleagues
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Best practices; new resources, liked ender's game too; tips on engaging the seasoned online educator, new & evolving technology
  Eric Werth:I like the low threshold applications portion.  I would like more of these as they are great tidbits to look into.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Learning about best practices related to technology and teaching.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Case study
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:There's an app for that session,.
  Lou Zweier:I don't have anything specific here
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Use of iPad or similar devices in teaching.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Design, implementation
  Eric Werth:I would also like more about how different technologies can be integrated into traditional classes to improve student engagement and learning.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Connectrions with friends.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:CHERISH:  friendly open approach
  Maida Tilchen:You're very welcomnig.
  Alicemac:The 'Live' part!
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Hearing your voice each week.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:You have great guest speakers
  Lou Zweier:Interactions among participants
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Listening to your ideas related to teaching and learning.
  John Munro:'tone' - gentle, welcoming, considerate and considering
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:CHERISH:  variety of topics/presenters
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:You are our resident guru.
  John Munro:somehow it's harder to 'listen' when talking vs reading when typing
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:I like the mic option.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:One issue is related to the echo feedback that often occurs when others speak.
  Eric Werth:I always have a mic on but normally it is faster for me to just type in the chat windo.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Some individuals have better mics than others.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Not me, I rather speak!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Typing doesn't have to be "called on"
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Lou - confirms our experience with infrequency of partricipants using mics
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Mics on laptops do not work well for voice for sessions like this.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Lou - need better mechanisms for queing for taking turns
  John Munro:typing seems less intrusive, but still allows statements to be made
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:I use my tablet with headset pretty often, works great!
  Eric Werth:Also, as a Presenter now I can turn on my mic as needed but if I were just a particopant I would have to ask and wait for permissions to be granted.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Sally suggested something like additional roles - designated vocalizers;  model participnats
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:The voice converesation is different from a telephone conveersation.
  Alicemac:two things: I need to think through what I gave ti say and the time is short, and secondly, it is being recorded.
  John Munro:plants?
  Lou Zweier:I think so too
  Lou Zweier:another advantage of chat is that everyone can speak at once.  So a lot more can get said in some ways.
  John Munro:parallel multitasking
  Lou Zweier:I can see that.  But I can type so much less than I can type in the same amount of time.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:The headset that Steve mentions is excellent..
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Headset Logitech USB H530  (Order this way and we get a little cut.)
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:The "APP" session.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Yes, the app session was great!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:The copyright series
  Lou Zweier:I might be able to do that.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Yes, I would be interested too
  John Munro:maybe a topic-based blog structure?
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:We should have someone on the lookout for the latest apps that are available related to teaching and learning and share these.
  Lou Zweier:ok
  Eric Werth:Do you use the same Connect meeting room for each session?  If so maybe we could have a persistent chat window where we could write ideas that we have found useful.
  John Munro:is there a recording of audio -- often implies in text
  Lou Zweier:great question
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Community of inquiry series might be of value. Lots of chatter at the colleges where I do adjunct work
  Eric Werth:I liked the session on hybrid courses and would like to see more on this!
  Lou Zweier:those all sound very good.
  Maida Tilchen:open education resources
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Use of tablets to support teaching and learning.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Digital textbooks.
  Maida Tilchen:I'm very glad you will have the MOOC workshop.
  John Munro:BYOD classrooms/students
  John Munro:device
  Lou Zweier:device
  Kyle Songer:device
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:COI : socila presence, cognitive presence, teaching presence,
  Lou Zweier:project-based learning
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:social
  Eric Werth:Maybe use of all of the Google apps that are available?
  Maida Tilchen:A big issue for our faculty is upgrades such as for the LMS that originate with the vendor.  No one wants to relearn.
  John Munro:more than 60% of my students have/bring smartphones/tablets to class -- take photos of chalkboard, access google docs etc
  Lou Zweier:yes, as opposed to the institution haveing to provide devices
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:RELEARNING
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Technology resources used in assessment of students.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:I just signed-up for a MOOC through Google: Power Searching at Google Starts on 9/24
  Kyle Songer:People have a tough time making the transition from designing learning the way they were taught (rote memorization ) to designing active learning.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:I'd like to have Steven Bell back to talk about ways he uses to "keep up."  He's an engaging speaker.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:It would be good to have Phil Long back some time.
  Lou Zweier:No, nothing more.  It's been a good session
  John Munro:after a case/courseactivity etc is presented, get responses from students who used it
  Lou Zweier:Thanks All.  Bye
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  John Munro:good idea
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:yes
  George Guba:Good idea
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:It would help for planning
  Eric Werth:I think that it is a good idea too.
  John Munro:although 'spontaneous' sessions happen too
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Have you ever done this before?  If yes, was it successful.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:proposals for fridaylive or workshops? or both?
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:If not done before I think it is worth doing.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:It would be a nice avenue for folks who did not get into conferences but have great things to offer
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:good thopught
  John Munro:google forms help focus and reduce 'overhead'
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Distribute through member schools
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:would any of you be willing to help read?
  Kyle Songer:I like the Google form idea
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Any way to provide an incentive?  Not money but something else to encourage contribution.
  John Munro:just got called for town trip     sorry -- thanks for thoughtful session today!
  John Munro:bye all
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:CU soon John!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:We're in extermission
  Maida Tilchen:I am signed up for four MOOC courses this fall. I don't know if I'll do all of them all the way, but I would like to compare experiences with others on Friday Live, and hope that will happen. Im taking them in part for the experience, not just the content.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Maida, it would be fun to compare notes. I have taken 3 so far.
  Maida Tilchen:You just inspired me to sign up for that Google power searchng one, thanks.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Maida - That's terrific!  Can you and Nancy come to the planning sessions?
  Maida Tilchen:I won't know anything until the courses run.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Yes, I would participate with others on this
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Thanks Nancy
  Maida Tilchen:Planning sessions for the MOOC thing next week?
  Maida Tilchen:Tuesday ok
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Monday best for me; Tues am
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:ET
  Maida Tilchen:Sorry Monday is a Jewish holiday
  Maida Tilchen:So is your second MOOC session
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Yes 11:15 ET works
  Maida Tilchen:11:15 EDT on Tuesday? Yes
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Tues 11:15ET planninbg for the Mock MOOCs?   session  adobe - frlv fall 2012
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:sure
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:OK will be there
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:I'm concerned about the jewish holidays conflict
  Maida Tilchen:they both are, but I'm ok for tuesday
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Yom Kippur is the date for the second MOOQ
  Maida Tilchen:Rosh Hashana is next week, Yom Kippur is the 26th
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:we need to change that
  Kyle Songer:Sure
  Eric Werth:I would like hints, suggestions, etc.  for working with faculty who are resistent to integrating technology into their teaching.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Kyle - you sound very good
  Eric Werth:Another interesting topic might be how an instruction in a larger online course could still interact with students.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Kyle:  Finds faculty who are trying to teach online are prone to not use more interaction, active learning, ....  HOW MAKE THAT TRANSITION?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Kyle - online physics session using simulations....  [remote labs too?]  Enders Game
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Nancy:  Lots of courses where mostly first-time teaching online and lots of students who are close to beginning in college and close to beginning courses
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Nancy - asked student )(online) attitudes about interacting with instructors - esp. FEAR of interacting with instructors ... FEAR OF PROMINENT RECORD
  Kyle Songer:I am willing.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:when could you do it?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:KYLE & NANCY FRLV  FEBRUARY 2013
  Kyle Songer:yes.
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:February is good!
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:How nice.
  Eric Werth:I would be interested in some of the information that is emerging from brain research on learning.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:No.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Still hoping.
  Kyle Songer:Steve, use the pod menu to make a new share pod.
  Kyle Songer:then use the share buttn and then choose document (even though it is a picture).
  Kyle Songer:oh, I see, you put it in the file share pod.
  Kyle Songer:sorry.
  Eric Werth:Sounds great.  Maybe he could put in the brain information and we all could discuss how it could impact learning??
  Eric Werth:Great picture!
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Very nice.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Thanks for sharing.
  Kyle Songer:Very cute.  Great smile.
  Charles Ansorge, University of Nebraska, Lincoln:Happy grandparenting.
  Eric Werth:Nampa Idaho, Northwest Nazarene University
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Sorry All, I have to go. Looking forward to Tuesday's meeting.
  Kyle Songer:Bye
  Nancy Calsolaro Smulsky:Welcome!
  Kyle Songer:You are quite welcome.

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