Monday, September 24, 2012

New App issue: Tech haves vs. have-nots? Feel less comfortable USING or BEING an instant temp in “on-demand economy”?

Apps - emerging issues: tech haves/have-nots & new "fundamental issue of intimacy"  

Do you feel less comfortable using or being an instant temp?  Do we need an app for guilt?

See excerpts below from "Commander of the Apps, Except the One for Guilt"   

and join us online for: 

There's an App for That 2.0" Sept 28, 2012  2pm ET - TLT Group's FridayLive! online free to all who register in advance #TLTGfrlv  

"What couldn’t I do, what problems couldn’t be solved, with the tap of an app? ..."Then I remembered a service called Lyft. I pulled out my smartphone and quickly downloaded the application, which lets regular people act as chauffeurs for a fee. As instructed, I entered my location — then crossed my fingers and waited."Five anxious minutes later, a clean black Audi pulled up, with a chatty young man at the wheel."

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