Monday, November 05, 2012

Antioch students can take Coursera MOOCs, get Antioch faculty advisers & credit. All make $! [maybe] #tltgSMOOCHERS #CFHE12

Antioch students can take Coursera MOOCs, get Antioch faculty advisers & Antioch credit.  Antioch can "...take advantage of the [Coursera] content and platform while not leaving students to fend entirely for themselves,"...
"'When Coursera makes money, we’ll make money, and when we make money, the faculty member will make money.' - Lynne O'Brien, director of the center for innovative teaching at Duke."
HYPOTHETICAL (1-side, no edges, 3-dimensional) 
..."Any revenue from the Antioch deal is hypothetical at the moment. "

"For Coursera, ...Antioch deal is a first step toward developing a product that it can sell to colleges: 'self-contained' online course platforms, complete with built-in content and assessment infrastructure. ...'It’s not just the box, it’s a course in a box.'"
Coursera-Antioch "deal represents one of the first instances of a third-party institution buying permission to incorporate a MOOC into its curriculum -- and awarding credit for the MOOC"
...Coursera "will share... revenue [from Antioch] with the universities, which own intellectual property rights for their courses as part of their contracts with Coursera."

- Excerpts above (more below) from "MOOCs for Credit" by Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Ed, October 29, 2012
[Link provided to sMOOChers by Akesha Horton, Mich. State U. on Nov 1, 2012]
"As part of the arrangement, the students are paired with an Antioch faculty member who will serve as a sort of independent study adviser, discussing the material regularly and assigning some supplemental work....  although [Antioch] expects that ratio will eventually expand to roughly the size of a typical class ...about 20 or so students per instructor.

"Antioch’s strategy is to make a compelling offer to cost-conscious students who want to finish their bachelor’s degrees after completing two years at a community college.

..."Coursera, the largest provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs), has entered into a contract to license several of the courses it has built with its university partners to Antioch University, which would offer versions of the MOOCs for credit as part of a bachelor’s degree program.
"So far Coursera has seen a relatively small proportion of the students who register for its courses actually complete them — although no one knows how much of that can be attributed to the hands-off role of the instructors and how much to the fact that registrants are not putting any money at risk."
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"Two views of a Klein bottle in three dimensions....Date 7 April 2004 (original upload date) Source AugPi (talk) (Uploads)... "This image was designed by splicing together five surfaces: two quadrants of a torus, one semi-toroidal arch, one tube whose spine is a Bézier spline, and one tube with a straight spine but with varying amplitude modulated by a Bézier spline. The image was rendered using Mathematica's ParametricPlot3D command. Made by AugPi on April 6, 2004."
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