Tuesday, November 27, 2012

‘Giving Tuesday...national day of giving' just launched to help charities #givingtuesday

"Giving Tuesday" is a socially responsible way to use social media as 2012 ends.  We hope you'll also consider a donation to the TLT Group at this time, after you decide what you can do for the other organizations whose work you admire most - the organizations that are still helping so many people suffering from the impacts of Hurricane Sandy and other economic and natural disasters.  
"First, there was Black Friday. Then Cyber Monday. Then Gray Thursday.  Now, there’s...Giving Tuesday...organizers hope will become a 'national day of giving' to encourage Americans to give to their favorite causes during the holidays. ...More than 2,000 charities and nonprofits around the country are participating, as well as dozens of Web sites that combine social media and giving, such as Crowdrise.By mid-morning, #givingtuesday was a nationally trending topic on Twitter."    
- from "‘Giving Tuesday’ launched to help charities," by Annie Gowen, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, The Washington Post
See below for more about "Giving Tuesday" and how and why to give a donation to the TLT Group.
Why and how to give to the TLT Group
  • We find ways to improve teaching and learning with technology in colleges and universities - ways which take advantage of new resources and new ideas without sacrificing the principles that matter most.
  • Our perspective is especially valuable when external pressures (like the continuing financial crisis) compel many to make - and others to accept - wild claims for the educational possibilities of technology.  
  • Our approach always builds on respect for what has been accomplished in the past, balanced evaluation of new options, and enthusiasm for emerging possibilities.
  • We provide resources and ideas that support collaborative change.  We help faculty members and other academic professionals to share their expertise and insights.
  • We "walk the walk."  We use, demonstrate, and advocate low-cost, low-threshold resources:  tools and activities that are easy to learn, easy to begin using, and have low incremental cost in dollars, time, and stress.  We make Frugal Innovations.
You can use a credit card by clicking here, or by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser: tlt.gs/DonationCC. Or you can mail a check payable to The TLT Group, Inc., to: PO Box 5643 Takoma Park, MD 20913. Please indicate clearly how we should address our Thank You letter acknowledging your tax-deductible contribution to this non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Giving Tuesday:
"... Bright Beginnings, a District nonprofit that works with the homeless, urged supporters on its Web site who got 'great deals' on Black Friday to now open up their pocketbooks and give either $75 or $150 to adopt a homeless child or family for counseling and assistance.""Lynne M. Wester, the director of stewardship and donor recognition at Yeshiva University: 'It’s important because it reminds people that the holiday season is more than just materialism and shopping,..If you set aside a portion of the money you were going to spend on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can really do some good.'” - from "‘Giving Tuesday’ launched to help charities," by Annie Gowen, Tuesday, November 27, 2012, The Washington Post 
IMAGE selected by Steve Gilbert 20121127
Photo of "New Orleans, LA, 3-16-06 -- A volunteer from Common Ground puts wet moldy sheetrock into a wheelbarrow to help clean up the Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School for Science and Technology.  College students from around the country are in New Orleans to help clean up during spring break. FEMA is housing as many of the College Student volunteers as possible in four base camps in and around New Orleans...from the FEMA Photo Library Author  Marvin Nauman"
By Marvin Nauman (This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
"This image is a work of a Federal Emergency Management Agency employee, taken or made during the course of an employee's official duties. As works of the U.S. federal government, all FEMA images are in the public domain. Additional media usage information may be found at http://www.fema.gov/help/usage.shtm"

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