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Clickers/CellPhones in Class; Facebk for Profs: 3partSIMULCAST 1:45pmET Nov16 FreeONLINEreg: #lillycon #TLTGfrlv +F2F@LillyConf

Cell Phones as Clickers;  Clickers in Classroom;  Facebook for Profs:  Experimental 3 session simulcast (Lilly Conf/FridayLive!) 
BEGINS 1:45PM ET Friday November 16, 2012
Register free for online participation:
3 Sessions in a row.  Register, free, once and participate in any/all 3.  

  • Live from Lilly International Conf 2012, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
    Room: Marcum 186 (Conference session codes: 11f, 12i, 13h)
  • Live Online from FridayLive! the TLT Group's weekly free online interactive Webinar series Fridays, 2:00PM ET
For more info, registration:  
Participants - onsite or online:  You are welcome to enter (login), depart (logout), or actively participate, or merely "lurk" in any or all of these 3 sessions as you wish.  Each of these Lilly International 2012 sessions will be offered live, online (and by recording thereafter) thanks to the Lilly Conference's generosity, but  if (and only if) each presenter also agrees to this experimental step.  

View Steve Gilbert's slides for the entire "simulcast":

More descriptions, including identification of presenters, below:

1:45pm ET "The Pros and Cons of Using Cell Phones as Clickers"

From IUPUI: Debora Herold, Psychology; Dina David, Communications; Martin Vaughan, Biology; Michael Yard, Biology; Nathan Byrer, University College
Session may include opportunity to use your own cell phone to participate in an activity - possibly using 

"Whether we like to admit it or not, the use of cell phones and other technology in the college classroom is common, and is not going away! The challenge for instructors is to make the technology work to help improve the classroom environment, rather than allow it to be an obstacle to active learning, or to be a distraction. Students expect instructors to be technologically astute, and to foster an interactive learning environment." - excerpt from slides
2:50pm ET "Technology and Clickers: Enhancing the Learning Environment" 
From Indiana University: Greg Kitzmiller, Marketing

3:45pm ET "Facebook for Professors: Retrospective Inquiry-Based Assessment of Teaching and Learning"

From Sinclair Community College:  John Boucuvalas, Academic Foundations;  Kathy Rowell, Center for Teaching and Learning

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Photo of "Water-lily Indian lotus flower, one of many seen in a pond near the entrance to Ellanor C. Lawrence Park.  Date 28 May 2005, 13:33:47 Source Flickr Author Steve Reviewer Andre Engels"
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