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Dec 5, 2012 2pmET Silver Cloud Online Roles Free Registration: tlt.gs/OLIreg Login: tlt.gs/login TLTGroup

Identifying/Developing Online Roles for Retiring/Retired Academics 
Silver Cloud Exploratory Session - we'll end this with discussion/vote for next steps
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"Silver Cloudians" - those who have retired or are considering retirement from higher education.   Our Silver Cloudians want to use online activities to support their continuing communication and connectedness with colleagues and learners; activities that also include meaningful intellectual content.
This week, we're working on roles especially well-suited to the skills and availability of  Silver Cloudians, roles in online teaching/learning (outside of being the solo teacher in a single course): 
e.g., Voice of the Chat, Question Repeater/Clarifier/Affirmer (effectively clarifying affirming ideas of students while improving the teacher's own focus on the discussion) etc.
You are welcome to join us and share ideas, comments, questions; and to nominate someone (including yourself) whom you would like to hear discuss these categories of roles for Silver Cloudians:
A.   "Classroom"   - online or hybrid - within a course
B.  Consulting, Mentoring, Faculty/Professional Development
            Managing online classrooms
            Managing hybrid classrooms
            Providing examples of online classroom problems and how to prepare to avoid or deal with them
C.  Planning/Development (courses, curriculum, sessions, ...)

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