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List of Highest Reg FridayLive! Sessions 2011-12 for Review2012/Plan2013 FREE ONLINE 2pmET Dec 21 tomorrow

Below is a list of 2011-12 FridayLive! sessions with highest advance registration - in order within each subgroup.  [Click here for titles of our previous sessions from 2011 & 2012 in alphabetic order]

Help us review our free online offerings from 2011-2012 and plan our program for 2013. Make requests and proposals. Volunteer to be Voice of the Chat and other roles we'll be developing. Register free as usual for Dec 21 2pmET:

If you can't be with us tomorrow, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year! anyway.
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Topics for FridayLive! Sessions with at least 140 advance registrants:

  • There's an App for That
  • There's an APP for That 2.0
  • Social Networking and Higher Ed - Keeping Up
  • Online Teaching - Wading into - Jennifer McCrickerd Reports
  • Copyright: Kenneth Crews, Columbia University
  • Legal Side of the Creative Classroom
  • Understanding and Working with Student Resistance to Active Learning

100 to 140 Advance Registrants

  • MOOCs Planning for and using 
  • Copyright: Cable Green, Creative Commons  ON A THURSDAY! May 24 
  • Navigating the Technology Tsunami
  • Community Online - Building a Sense of 
  • Why do my colleagues keep teaching the same way?
  • Online Instructional Resources  Developing a Website: What, Why, How
  • Lilly Directors Roundtable
  • Online Synchronous Faculty Learning Communities - It Can be Done Successfully! Recommendations and findings from first full-year experience (with physician educators).
  • Steven Bell Interview
  • Revolution or Evolution: Social Technologies and Pedagogical Change
  • Strategies for Overcoming Student Resistance

70 to 100 Advance Registrants

  • Significant Discussions - League for Innovation
  • What's Still Good About Lectures?
  • Presentation Slides - Rethinking the Design of
  • THREE generations and Faculty Development
  • Online Teaching - Gearing Up for the Experience - Jennifer McCrickerd Reports
  • Twitter: Forbid It, Ignore It, or Use It?
  • Ender's Test for Artificial Instruction
  • That Might Work with Your Students...But IT Won't Work with Mine
  • Publishing for eReaders and Smart Phones
  • Social Media Working Group 

Fewer than 70 Advance Registrants

  • Ender's Game -  Book Discussion
  • Pedagogy and Technology -  Blending  in Faculty Development
  • Faculty-Student Collaboration on Course Design
  • Lilly International Conference - SPECIAL LIVE from 
  • Social Networking Part Two
  • Moderation of Online Discussion - Voice of the Chat How to Share
  • MOOCs sMOOChers Cohort follow up  SECOND
  • Ethical E-Research: From Class Projects to Thesis/Dissertation Research
  • Dissecting a Hybrid Workshop PLUS Update on Ender's Test
  • Change IS Possible - Despite Politics and Counterimplementation Tactics
  • Sharing Good T/L Resources Through Small Group Collaboration
  • Learn to Study - Helping Students
  • Online Teaching Making Accessible  - BOOKGROUP
  • TED - Bringing to Class - Hosting Virtual Conferences
  • Warning signs that a college is on the brink? Interview with Alice Brown
  • Nuggets, Nudges, Nexts
  • Frugal Innovation: Colleges Sharing Online Courses
  • Social Collaboration - What does it mean?
  • eTextbooks - Keeping Up: 
  • Colleges Doing Creative Things to Stay Alive
  • Mindful Consulting: Protecting Ourselves and Faculty from Tidal Waves of Information
  • Avoiding the Discussion: SILVER CLOUD
  • MOOCs Reconsidered sMOOChers Cohort 
  • Whose Voices Don't Matter?
  • MOOCs sMOOChers Cohort Experience Week One
  • New Roundtables Working Group
  • Publishing and Education - Synergistic or Symbiotic?
  • Tuition-Free University: A Look at University of the People
  • Change IS Possible! From On-Campus to [More] Online
  • Online Teaching - Wading into Technology - Jennifer McCrickerd Reports
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