Thursday, December 06, 2012

Marcus recommends almost 30 recent pubs (comments, analyses) re MOOCs: HELPFUL PREP FOR FRLV 12/7 2pmET #TLTGfrlv

Pls join "MOOCs Reconsidered" in TLT Group's weekly online FridayLive! session 2pm ET, Dec 7, 2012.   Free ONLINE reg:   
3rd open discussion with sMOOChers about our shared experience in the MOOC Current/Future State of Higher Educationand our recommendations, insights, concerns based on work with other MOOCs.

Jane Marcus’ recommendations of recent publications (comments, analyses) re MOOCs, preparatory for online discussion 12/7/2012 - numbering is only for reference and does not indicate priority or ranking of these resources:

  1. The Year of the MOOC - New York Times
  2. MOOC Brigade: Who Is Taking Massive Open Online Courses, And Why? -TIME
  3. MOOC Brigade: Will Massive, Open Online Courses Revolutionize Higher Education? - TIME
  4. Taking The Next Step in Online Education With Credit Equivalency - FORBES
  5. Elite schools’ popular online courses have scaled up delivery, but can they scale up credit? – Washington Post
  6. A shakeup of higher education – Boston Globe
  7. New frontier for scaling up online classes: credit – Associated Press
  8. Online-education trend expands – USA Today
  9. Warming Up to MOOC’s – Chronicle of Higher Education
  10. Good MOOC’s, Bad MOOC’s – Chronicle of Higher Education
  11. What Are 'MOOC's and Why Are Education Leaders Interested in Them? – Huffington Post
  12. MOOC Provider edX Partners with Community Colleges to Improve Workforce Readiness – Forbes
  13. Massive Open Online Courses a learning revolution – South China Morning Post
  14. Gates Will Fund $1.4 Million Research Project to Study MOOC-powered Courses at U of Maryland – Huffington Post
  15. MOOC Skeptisicm Persists Among University Presidents Despite Massive Growth of Online Courses in 2012 – Huffington Post
  16. The Big Three, at a Glance - New York Times
  17. A Class Where Opening Minds, Not Earning Credits, Is the Point – New York Times
  18. College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All – New York Times
  19. MOOC Brigade: Can Online Courses Keep Students from Cheating? - TIME
  20. How In-Person Meetups Are Fixing The Problem With MOOCs - Edudemic
  21. Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say - New York Times
  22. If You’ve Got the Skills, She’s Got the Job - New York Times
  23. Professor Keith Devlin on Teaching His First MOOC – Technapex
  24. Got MOOC? – Huffington Post
  25. To MOOC or Not to MOOC? – Inside HigherEd
  26. MOOChing your way through remedial courses – University of Wisconsin/Raquet
  27. Can schools survive in the age of the web? - BBC
  28. Faculty Senate grapples with the possibilities and challenges of online learning - Stanford Report

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