Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"credible alternative to digital piracy"?

"New Licensing Models for Online Music Services in the European Union: From Collective to Customized Management," by Giuseppe Mazziotti , Columbia University - Law School, April 1, 2011, Columbia Public Law Research Paper No. 11-269
[Got this from Facebook comment from Kenneth Crews.  Tnx!]

Anyone that has the opportunity to access online music or film services in both the United States and in Europe (or even in distinct E.U. countries) can easily realize how undeveloped, or more restricted territorially, the E.U. online content sector is. In the United States, the recent launch of innovative online services – e.g., Apple's iTunes, Microsoft's Zune, Rhapsody, Beatport, Pandora – has revolutionized the landscape of legitimate access to and use of online content and created a credible alternative to digital piracy. Contrastingly, in the European Union, online music services and music stores – e.g., LastFm, Spotify, iTunes – have not taken off, at least not fully. This is not only due to the still rampant phenomenon of music and film piracy on illegal file sharing platforms. The unbearable complexity of online rights clearance processes is a major problem for commercial users wishing to develop and launch pan-European online content services and to take advantage of the E.U. cultural sector as a whole."

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