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TUTechDay 2011 Frugal Innovation Tweets - FridayLivelier!

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Our first experiment using Twitter during a live campus-based event. 
Frugal Innovations 
for Student Engagement 
Collegial Sharing of TLT Improvements
 - Today, Beyond Us, Tomorrow!
We hoped to extend the benefits and reach of this live event, and to try an alternative to our usual FridayLive! onine event. We'll continue experimenting. We welcome your comments, suggestions. Steve Gilbert 
PS: You can continue using the “hashtag” #tutechday if you with to share a comment or suggestion about this event.  You can always see the schedule and register for FridayLive! for free at
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Here are selected Tweets that were generated during Temple University's “Tech Day” Friday, April 8, 2011:

4/8/11 - bunnysnsunshine 
Twitter is sometimes the fastest way to reach a person: your professor, a public figure or even your husband. #tutechday

4/8/11 - maranca 
RT @TLTGROUP: Technology extends what artists can do. Art extends the limits of technology. #tutechday.

4/8/11 - derekbruff 
@CathSchifter You can print out Prezis, but you generally wouldn't want to. #tutechday

4/8/11 - derekbruff 
@eileen_aitken We had a student blog about her experience using Prez: #tutechday

4/8/11 - CreativeDynamix 
RT @blendedlib: "Frugal Innovations" - how do you keep improving with 2 much info, 2 little time and 2 few resources? One way - mentor others #tutechday

4/8/11 - derekbruff 
RT @donshappelle: Can you think of 2-3 colleagues who might benefit from learning about your improvement, and who might be likely to help others? #tutechday

4/8/11 - eileen_aitken 
#tutechday Screencast-O-matic is a Jing like program that let's you record up to 15 minutes instead of just 5 minutes.

4/8/11 - paire 
Prezis can be embedded directly into blackboard (not just a link to the presentation on the external site) #TUtechday

4/8/11 - paire 
How do we help more people take advantage more easily & more often of resources to which they are already entitled?#TUtechday

4/8/11 - donshappelle 
What do you most want to gain? What do you most cherish and not want to lose? What improvements can we make quickly and easily? #tutechday

4/8/11 - eileen_aitken 
#tutechday How often do you think informal mentoring/mentee relationships are formed?

4/8/11 - donshappelle 
Many faculty want to improve their own teaching, their students' learning, and to help their colleagues w/ similar commitments. #tutechday

4/8/11 - ka_weaver 
RT @blendedlib: "Frugal Innovations" - how do you keep improving with 2 much info, 2 little time and 2 few resources? One way - mentor others #tutechday

4/8/11 - Jerryhinkle 
What ideas are "shareworthy?" #tutechday

4/8/11 - TUinnovate 
Use "low threshold improvements" #tutechday

4/8/11 - donshappelle 
Frugal Innovations can enable, encourage, and support more effective, widespread, and rapid sharing of teaching improvements. #tutechday

4/8/11 - blendedlib 
"Education is almost as complex as government" a system higher ed isn't agile #tutechday

4/8/11 - TLTGROUP 
SWG BIOTWEET Aspire2B good father/husband, teacher/learner, Enable/encourage use info tech improve edu - respectfully/responsibly #tutechday

4/8/11 - TLTGROUP 
Frugal Innovations=enable continue improve teach/learn w tech when $/time scarce via abundant free/lowcost options#tutechday SAMPLE TWEET

4/8/11 - TLTGROUP 
Sr. colleagues stretch comfort zone in safe ways: 1-to-1: #tutechday via Temple U. mentoring program ripple eff... 

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