Friday, April 15, 2011

"Wild West phase of textbook evolution" - Faculty opportunity AND responsibility!

"just about anything goes with platforms and pricing models,"  Steven J. Bell, Temple U. in "Views: Taming the Textbook Market", Inside Higher Ed, June 11, 2011

Excerpt "In this Wild West phase of textbook evolution, where just about anything goes with platforms and pricing models, faculty have a real opportunity, and perhaps a responsibility, to make the decisions that allow them to play the role of sheriff and bring order to a chaotic landscape. The alternative is having publisher solutions forced on them. Savvy publishers will work to keep faculty hooked on their system by rolling out an ever expanding buffet of prepackaged lesson plans, ready-to-launch slide shows, automatically graded quizzes, shared-revenue mechanisms and whatever else it takes to keep faculty connected to the existing textbook model. As they examine the multiple alternative textbook options emerging, faculty should take time to learn from the lessons of the scholarly publishing past. That history is one of lost opportunities and outright mistakes."

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