Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Collaborative Imperative - Online Workshop - Begins Tomorrow! 4/14

Strategies for building librarian/faculty partnerships.  More... Workshop in TLT Group's Information Literacy Series co-sponsored by ACRL
Thursdays, April 14, 21, and 28, 2011
2:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern
Susan Ariew and Jim Eison, University of South Florida
**Certificate of Completion will be available to registrants who attend all three live sessions**
This series, designed primarily for librarians who work with faculty in higher education or school settings and their faculty colleagues, will explore constructive strategies for forming librarian/instructor partnerships. These strategies will include collaborative planning activities for library instruction sessions, ways to collaborate using course management systems, and the design of post instruction follow up activities.
Some guiding questions that the series will address include:
1) What variables affect significantly the quality of library instruction?
2) What are the barriers to effective faculty-librarian collaborations?
3) What type of shared instructor-librarian activities characterize authentic collaboration?
4) What elements of organizational culture best support faculty-librarian collaborations?
5) What are resources that can guide and inform future success?
In addition, participants will play an important collaborative role in this series by identifying additional guiding questions they hope that will addressed, as well as sharing tips and best practices learned previously.
The TLT program will practice what it teaches: together Professor James Eison and USF Librarian Susan Ariew bring over 40 years of collaborative experiences at multiple institutions and six years of work together at the University of South Florida. Warning: active engagement by participants is expected! Please be willing to pose questions, share experiences, and/or insights.

All of the TLT Group’s online offerings include use of “low threshold” tools, examination of controversial issues, options for participants with a range of experience, and suggestions for assessment as you integrate what you’ve learned into your repertoire.
Participants for this workshop should sign-in 15 minutes early for tech instructions and to meet others in the group; they also have the option of remaining online for a half-hour follow-up discussion immediately after the workshop.

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