Friday, April 01, 2011

Western Govs U (WGU) vs. Tuition-Free? Univ. of People

How many children of the founders of WGU have ever enrolled in WGU courses?  How many have opted for any online alternatives to traditional college?  I ask these questions when I'm feeling especially cynical.  Not feeling so cynical about Univ. of the People

Below are some milder comments followed by excerpts from 2011, 1998, 1999.  Let me know if you find any juicier clips of WGU's over-zealous claims which so dramatically exceeded its accomplishments.

Meanwhile, is WGU the real "phoenix" among universities?  Re-rising when financial crisis meets burgeoning, unpredictable online options?   Proving again that "necessity is the mother of self-deception"?   NOTE:  The new University of the People seems to be more modestly and reasonably addressing the growing educational needs of those whose alternative is no higher education at all.   Join FridayLive today 4/1 to learn more about UoP.

"Washington State Looks To Online Higher Ed To Save Money
"At a time when Washington's higher-education budget is being slashed, some lawmakers believe a partnership with Western Governors University could provide more access to college programs without costing the state any money. Critics say the legislation raises philosophical questions about just what constitutes a college education. They say WGU is not a substitute for a four-year degree at a traditional college because students don't get the rich give-and-take between their professors and other students. Read more at:
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"The institution had also projected that as many as 5,000 students would use W.G.U. in its first year to locate and enroll in traditional distance-education courses listed on the Web site by participating colleges and universities. So far, only 10 people have used the site to enroll in such courses."  From:  Few Students Enroll at Western Governors U. September 25, 1998 By GOLDIE BLUMENSTYK- Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Western Governors University, a venture started by 17 states and Guam, opened its on-line doors to much fanfare last year but has enrolled only 120 students, far below its projections." Click Here for the Ivory Tower - By LISA GUERNSEY, Published: September 02, 1999

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