Monday, April 11, 2011

Do your students HAVE textbooks? USE course materials?

How can publishers and faculty [together?] help students learn better?
Access is necessary but not sufficient.  Same for good learning skills.
How can authors and publishers make course materials more accessible?
How can faculty and academic support professionals encourage and enable students to prepare effectively for course meetings, activities, and assignments?
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I find faculty increasingly worried about getting students to do ANY prep before participating in course sessions.  Obviously, if a student has no access to preparatory learning materials, that student cannot prepare for effective participation in a course session or to benefit as intended from course activities and assignments.
However, does the kind of help and support for students need to change for different forms of course materials?  How can faculty or other academic professionals help students to read/use textbooks if they actually obtain the books - in any form?  
Steve Gilbert

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