Thursday, August 04, 2011

Can participate almost fully in Adobe Connect online sessions via iPad! Good/Bad News

"Adobe Connect Mobile for iOS"  works - almost fully.  I've tried it briefly and confirmed what I've been reading.  See refs, Good/Bad News below.  

The TLT Group has used a variety of Web-based "virtual classrooms" for our online synchronous activities (i.e., "webinars," "webcasts," online symposia, etc.) - most recently Adobe Connect, a Flash-based Web software/platform/service that (like several similar systems) supports multiple options for:
  • preparing, organizing, and presenting information
  • interacting live online
  • recording and publishing online presentations, interactions, etc.
As you probably know, Apple's iOS and iPad-related products do not currently support Flash files, so I didn't expect to be able to use our new iPad 2 to participate in Adobe Connect sessions. Yesterday one of our online partcipants asked about iPad options, so today I did a little research and found:
1.  Good News: "Adobe Connect Mobile 1.5 for iOS" is an app available free from the iTunes App store that enables an iPad 2 to login to a live Adobe Connect session with good audio and video, and an interface that strongly resembles the newest version we've been using via other devices.  I've only tested it for a few minutes, but I've also been reading some comments by users that confirm my impressions, which are mostly good.  Seems that participation in the text chat may be limited in some ways. 
2.  Bad News:  Neither this App nor any other I've found enables the iPad 2 to deal effectively with Flash.  One consequence is that I have not found a way of "playing" or viewing the digital recordings (archives) that we usually produce and often publish when we offer live sessions via Adobe Connect.    For an example of one of these archives, try ... but not with your iPad!

For more about Adobe Connect Mobile [1.5 for Apple iOS] see:  
"This is the first version of the app to be ...optimized for iPad, ...also includes enhancements ...on the iPhone and iPod Touch..."
Includes:  "...
  • Two-way Video 
  • Participate in multi-point video conferencing and add your own upstream video broadcast to the conversation. 
  • Supports the rear- and forward-facing cameras of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4. "
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