Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Membership Matters - Guidelines/References for Frugal Innovation thru Small Group Collaboration

In establishing membership, in addition to faculty, consider academic support professionals from all areas of responsibility - library, info tech, bookstore, ... 
  • Don't overlook students.
  • Include those who will be most affected by the results and those who will be essential to achieving those results at earliest stages of planning.
From Sample Guidelines from Working Draft tlt.gs/SGCguide
See More:  "Guidelines/References for Frugal Innovation thru Small Group Collaboration:  Working draft from TLTG Annual Online Symposium 2011" tlt.gs/SGCguide

These Guidelines & References are based on the work of the TLT Group's 4th Annual Online Symposium on Frugal Innovation and Collaborative Change: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! SMALL MIXED GROUP COLLABORATION (August, 2011). Registration was free to TLT Group members. See the homebase Web pages for each of the 3 online sessions:
Session 1    Session 2    Session 3
TLT Group Members are also invited to participate in a "small mixed collaborative group" to continue developing these resources in academic 2011-12!
To join this working group, send email to Rebecca Kurtz:

The Symposium strongly influences the TLT Group's agenda for our weekly FridayLive! online sessions. Our 2011-12 "season" begins on September 9, 2pm Eastern with a recap and  extension of this summer's work on Small Mixed Collaborative Groups. In the Symposium, guest presenters discussed specific kinds of successful small-group collaboration:
  • Student-Faculty - Session 3, Elon University et al.
  • Faculty-Faculty - Sessions 1, 2, 3 - Temple University, Miami University of Oho, Elon University et al.
  • Faculty-Librarian - Sessions 2, 3 - Miami University of Ohio et al.
  • Faculty-Faculty Development, and Faculty-Tech. Participants - Sessions 1, 2, 3 - Temple University, Miami University of Oho, Elon University et al.
We welcome all in higher education - faculty, librarians, faculty developers, administrators, and students; but we especially encourage small groups of colleagues from the same institution.

We believe that focusing on small, realistic steps will lead to more widespread, long-lasting meaningful changes. In fact, in these especially challenging times, small steps may be the ONLY way to keep moving - in the right direction.

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