Friday, August 05, 2011

Prezi at TLT Group Symposium

Prezi books and resources
Jane Harris' Prezi (fluid, multi-dimensional PP) good tool, interesting explanation of informal fac/dev.
Jane discussed her own work in faculty support/professional development both as an IT person and as a Teaching Learning Center person at University North Carolina Greensboro. What she called Testing Prezi shows use of a multidimensional version of PowerPoint, although more fluid and flexible.  It worked quite nicely through screen sharing during the session.

Jane explains how "Dr. Rosa" came with a problem -  she was about to teach an online course beginning in three weeks and would have perhaps double the enrollment that she was previously accustomed to.  So Jane needed to help "Dr. Rosa" gain enough confidence to identify and attempt to use at least a few helpful technology possibilities.   Jane used the Prezi to explain the sequence of steps and connections among the people who became involved in this small project.  Jane works informally with both individuals and groups to help them make improvements in teaching, learning.  Her work fosters their own ability to help each other make even more improvements.  You can see how this works as she describes the process.

If you didn't participate in the session, you can see its resources, prepared before, during, and after at the homebase webpage which includes links to a full recording of the entire session as well as a link to the Prezi itself.  

We hope you'll join us this coming week on Tuesday and Thursday one o'clock Eastern for the next two sessions of this year's annual symposium.  If you are a TLT Group member, you can register for free.  Others pay a fee. 

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