Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Which Courses Are/Aren't Pizza-like?

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How can we decide which courses are pizza-like? Which courses should or could be more or less pizza-like? For whom? Under what conditions? 

  • Differences between recorded and live presentations
  • Importance of nuanced responses between audience and leader
  • Role of course-related office hours - face-to-face, voice only, text only, etc.
  • Potential for student course evaluations to influence mid-course improvements during and after a course
  • Need for guided small group work
  • Need for individual practice of techniques
  • Complexity of important concepts

    Below find more excerpts from article:  "Virtual and Artificial, but 58,000 Want Course" By JOHN MARKOFF 
    Published: August 15, 2011; 
  • A version of this article appeared in print on August 16, 2011, on page A11 of the New York edition with the headline: "Free Course in Artificial Intelligence Is Offered Online, and 58,000 Sign Up."
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    "..[Thrun and Norvig] said they had been inspired by the recent work of Salman Khan, an M.I.T.-educated electrical engineer who in 2006 established a nonprofit organization to provide video tutorials to students around the world on a variety of subjects via YouTube.
    "'The vision is: change the world by bringing education to places that can’t be reached today,' said Dr. Thrun.
    "The rapid increase in the availability of high-bandwidth Internet service, coupled with a wide array of interactive software, has touched off a new wave of experimentation in education.
    "Hal Abelson, a computer scientist at M.I.T. ... said 'The idea that you could put up open content at all was risky 10 years ago, and we decided to be very conservative,...Now the question is how do you move into something that is more interactive and collaborative, and we will see lots and lots of models over the next four or five years.”
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