Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lessons from 1st try Building Community in Online Course. TOMORROW 4/27 2pm FREE FridayLive! #TLTGFrLv

Lessons learned from 1st try:  "Building a Sense of Community in an Online Environment: Boldly Going Where You May Not Have Before..." TOMORROW FridayLive! 4/27 2pm ET #TLTGFrLv Register FREE to all - space limited  

Presenters: Theresa A. Beery, Nursing, University of Cincinnati, and Dustin Shell, College of Nursing, University of Cincinnati

Host:  Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group

Building community online can be challenging. We “quickly” put a course online that we thought would be face-to-face with two major goals: (1) Create the sense of community that we have in the classroom and (2) facilitate students constructing knowledge together. Participants will share in discussion of using technology (blogs, wikis, video introductions, audio comments, a synchronous class) to build community. We will offer lessons learned: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Photo "Australian Christmas Wreath;  Our beautiful Crimson Rosellas & King Parrots;  Photo: Matthew Watt"
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