Monday, April 23, 2012

Recommend: Hydrate! Ablute! Allergycast App! Vanquished remarkable cold-like virus (contagious across time & space)!

Proof of cure!
Hydrate!  Ablute!  Watch allergen levels!  That's the best advice I've found for colds and spring-allergy-precipitated upper respiratory ailments... advice I'm still following even though my most recent affliction departed.  
See below for explanation of "remarkability" of this virus - in form of message to nephew.

To keep track of local allergy conditions I'm now using and recommending Allergycast (even though I don't usually recommend commercially-sponsored apps), because it's so useful, simple, and free - and generously provided by Zyrtec - avail for IOS & Android (but not for Chrome desktop browser) as of April 23, 2012.

Excerpt from message sent to nephew about a week ago:
Sorry to read about your illness. Sounds very much like what Sally & I began in Chicago previous weekend. My version included worst sore throat i can remember and loss of voice. Drove all day Tues to get home so I could go to our doctor here Wed. morning - got checked for strep (neg) and got antibiotics based on symptoms and good advice: HYDRATE ABLUTE!
By late Friday, the sore throat was much better and my voice began to be available (sorry Sally) yesterday.

Still have stuffy head and crackles in ears (probably my favorite, eustachian tubes), but that may be because we're having extreme too-early hay-fever spring allergies - bad even by DC standards!
So, there's hope (allergies usually non-fatal).
Extraordinary how you managed to contaminate us even though we were in Chicago and our symptoms began before yours!
So you're imipressive in yet another way!
Love,Uncle Steve
PS: prospective grandson continues to thrive in utero in Chicago!~

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