Monday, April 23, 2012

Simplest way to record and share audio via Internet?! Described 20120420 TLT Group’s FridayLive!

Vocaroo really is as simple as it seems - potentially VERY useful!  Anyone know more about the origin, originator, intentions?   

Last Friday I was talking with Beth Dailey about our FridayLive! session that afternoon and my hope that we could find some ideas to offer to our courageous presenterJennifer McCrickerd to help her prepare her first online course for this summer. We knew that Jennifer had already wisely decided to begin by limiting the kinds of technology she would use with her students. I knew that Beth has taught a variety of online and hybrid courses and has also helped many others make this transition, so I asked her what she would recommend as a VERY easy, simple way to allow an instructor and her students to exchange voice recordings online.

QR Code for SteveG Recording Produced by Vocaroo 20120423

Here's Beth's timely email response to me (April 20, 2012):
"...simplest way for students to provide an individual [audio] response to the instructor as part of an online course. She suggested Vocaroo   The students do not need to create an account to use it and they have the option of copying a URL into their assignment, e-mailing the link or even embedding the recording into the assignment.  You cannot respond with this service, but you could create your own recording and put it into the feedback when you grade." "...Penny Kuckkahn who gave me the suggestion"
I described Vocaroo as last week's LTA at the very beginning of the FridayLive! online session. See Result of my test recording made just a few minutes before we began: THIS WAS DONE WITHIN MY FIRST VISIT TO THE SITE - NO LOGIN, NO TRAINING!

More recent recording made using Vocaroo... trying to say something a little more meaningful...and trying to demonstrate some options avail from Vocaroo:
Using the "embed code" produced by Vocaroo (click on the arrow-like thing at the right end of this icon - the recording is less than 1 minute):

Voice Recorder >>
Note:  as of April 23, 2012, I couldn't find Apps for using Vocaroo with iPhone/iPad IOS or Android.  But I found a free download for a trial version of "Vocaroo Express" - I cannot recommend it yet because I couldn't easily find a flagrantly trustworthy source of the full version for which there would be a fee.I also found  "Vocaroo Assignments"  - but I'm not sure of the origin or intended use of these assignments, but you can decide for yourself.

IMAGE selected by Steve Gilbert 20120423
Photo of painting of "dog Nipper listening to the horn of an early phonograph during the winter of 1898. Victor Talking Machine Company began using the symbol in 1900, and Nipper joined the RCA family in 1929." artist Francis Barraud (1856-1924) photo originally uploaded 2006-12-18
By NewYork1956 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
"This is a faithful photographic reproduction of an original two-dimensional work of art. The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason: This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired."


  1. Thanks for the great summary Steve and the sample assignments. They look like simple but powerful ways to incorporate the student's voice into the class. I experimented with Vocaroo this weekend by creating a voice recording summary for my blended learning course. I sent an e-mail and posted the recording as an annoucement in the course LMS along with a word cloud image from the script. I used Wordle for the word cloud.
    Beth Dailey

    1. Any chance you could add a link to some of those items you mention in your comment? The voice recording summary, email announcement, word cloud image, script? Thanks for the comment! SteveG

  2. Beth Dailey6:48 PM

    I sure can.

    This link will take you to the Vocaroo voice recording of the unit summary. It's about 6 minutes long.

    This link will take you to the word cloud I created from the voice recording script using Wordle. I actually captured the image and included the image in the e-mail message that I sent.

    My e-mail message was very short.
    "Hi everyone, I thought I would try my hand at voice recording summary of this past week and the next steps to complete our unit on student learning. This link will take you there. Have a great weekend, Beth"

    I developed a script before I did the voice recording. Developing what I was going to say was way harder than using Vocaroo.



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