Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teacher’s recap & advice to online students re week's work: voice + email + word cloud [VIA FREE EASY APPS & LMS]

    Wordle: Program Outcomes Assessment
  1. Vocaroo + Wordle + e-mail + LMS
    "I sent an e-mail and posted the recording as an announcement in the course LMS along with a word cloud image from the script. I used Wordle for the word cloud.... I actually captured the image and included the image in the e-mail message that I sent.
    "voice recording summary [6 mins, recorded, produced, published using Vocaroofor my blended learning course. 

    Voice Recorder >>
    ..."My e-mail message was very short.
  2. "'Hi everyone, I thought I would try my hand at voice recording summary of this past week and the next steps to complete our unit on student learning. This link will take you there. Have a great weekend, Beth'

    "I developed a script before I did the voice recording. Developing what I was going to say was way harder than using Vocaroo."
    1. - Above excerpts from blog comments from Beth Dailey, April 24, 25, 2012

    IMAGE selected by Steve Gilbert 20120426

    Copied HTML "embed" code provided by Wordle, produced by Beth Dailey, publicly available Web page at

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