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“7 Futures Amer. Educ...Screen-Captured World” MOOCow tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow Slides/links/chat transcript from May 17 #tltg7FsMOOCow TLT Group FridayLive!

Seven Futures of American Education schMOOC/MOOCow

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I hope you find all this interesting and useful!  
                 - Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group May 21, 2013

Full Text Chat Transcript 
1.  Prelims, greetings, informal conversation 
[Scroll down for "2.  Main Event"]

James Mansfield:hello
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Hello James, I guess we are a bit early!
James Mansfield:just a smidgen, I imagine....pleased to meet you
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Same here... I am on reaservh trip, connecting from Moscow today..
James Mansfield:ok so Moscow must be nice
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:To hot - over 85 gegrees.. Do you here anyone Speaking? or my Speakers are not doing a good job
James Mansfield:the audio is probably not on yet, I cannot hear either
James Mansfield:what time is it in M
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Ok tthen, lets wait..
James Mansfield:so you're 8 hours ahead of EST
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Yes, it is 9:30 pm
Beth Dailey:Welcome everyoone, we will begin in about 20 minutes
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:I see action on the screen!
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Yes, I can hear you Sally
Dale Parker:Hi
James Mansfield:hello all
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:yes
Tracy Russo, Northwestern Michigan College:Hello.
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:This is the URL for the communication page for the MOOCOW <link to published version of this page: tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow>
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:not live sorry
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group: tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow
James Mansfield:oops I just put the headphones on with volume
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:works better that way!
James Mansfield:most assuredly
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:I meant that the link isn't live, but the site is
Tracy Russo, Northwestern Michigan College:Is the volume back on?
Tracy Russo, Northwestern Michigan College:Yes, I can hear you now
David McCurry:Loud and clear.
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Yes we did get better!!!
Stephen Parsons:It has been great!
Stephen Parsons:thanks you
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:VOC? Irina?
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Yes, I will do VOC
John Sener:very cool
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Yes, Irina agreed to be VOC. THanks Irina
John Sener:we can
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Gladely! I am excited to be a part ot TLT activities.
James Mansfield:hi I can here
James Mansfield:hear
John Sener:I put two of them in there
John Sener:or both? ;-)
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:You can register for t by following this link http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/events?eventId=689317&EventViewMode=EventDetails
Stephen Parsons:These controls would not be available to us at the start
Michael Dabney:Hello Beth and all. I am here, but without the good mic, just my internal computer stuff.
Michael Dabney:Mike Dabney, retired from Hawaii, living in VT, now in Las Vegas
Dee Fink:Dee Fink - Have participated in the planning of this course.
Lisa Star:Hello everyone!
Stephen Parsons:I don't have a microphone icon in my toolbar - do we need to do audio setup first or is that only for moderators?
David McCurry:Hello Lisa!
Lisa Star:Yes!
Margaret Driscoll:Hi everyone! I'm here from Southern California
Lisa Star:Hey David!
Tracy Russo, Northwestern Michigan College:I did the audio setup, but still have no icon.
Maureen Straight:Hello, I am signing in from Florida
Jane Harris:@Stephen P - the moderators have to give you audio capabilities in order to see the mic.
Steven Grindle:In Vermont but not in my garden planting vegetables. :)
David McCurry:Converse College in Spartanburg, SC - Director of Distance Education
Stephen Parsons:Hi - happy Friday from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Lisa Star:In sunny South Dakota - work from home virtually for Kaplan University as an instructional designer.
Margaret Driscoll:@Tracy, the icon next to your name turns on when you click on the microphone thingy at the top of the screen (between MEETING and RAISE HAND)
Tracy Russo, Northwestern Michigan College:I am in beautiful Traverse City, MI--come to the BBQ this weekend here!
Dee Fink:I'm at home in Oklahoma.
Stephen Parsons:@Jane - thanks
Wayne Pricer:Hello I'm from Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan

2.  Main Event
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:http://tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow
James Mansfield:NY,NY
John Sener:DC -- glorious day here
Henry Merrill:I am here in Avon, IN - west of Indpls
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:June 30 is what I've said
Stephanie Wells:Stephanie Wells, beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada
Tracy Russo, Northwestern Michigan College:Thanks Margaret!
nikki:until June 30, the archives are available for non-member participants
Jane Harris:Am here and have mic
Margaret Driscoll:I have a document that correlates the online instructor beginner's requests for advice and experienced teachers advice offered. Do you want to upload it at this meeting?
Stephen Parsons:excellent!
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111708918622672250384
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:RISK: Totally open.. in spirit of openness!
rickb@tabor.edu:Thanks for the link. Just joined.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Google Issue: we wanted to avoid logins, new accounts... WATCH "MOUSEOVER" ROLE IN THIS GOOGLE + THING!
Margaret Driscoll:I just joined, too :)
Stephen Parsons:I'm in - great!
Jane Harris:I see you Stephen P!
Jane Harris:I see you Margaret!
Stephen Parsons:Welcome to MOOCS - it's not unusual to have several technologies in a MOOC and unfortunately not many ways to integrate them
Jane Harris:Am seeing several more joining.
Lisa Star:I look forward to learning more about Google+ while we participate (double benefit!)
Jane Harris:I want to learn from the community experience as well as from John S. I have already learned a lot from Dee Fink!
S:Are we posting answers to those questions here?
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:yes, please answer the questions in the chat
Jane Harris:What I don't want to lose is focus - because I am an omnivore....
S:Got it, sorry, login error. S=Sheryl Barnes
Dee Fink:I would.
Jane Harris:Hi Sheryl.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:i just promoted dee fink to "presenter" so he can use his mic!
Dale Parker:I have been like a fly on the wall and have learned a lot in the planning process especially with folks in many different places
Bryan Alexander:Greetings, folks.
James Mansfield:I am envisioning setting up a MOOCow in order to help to save Medicare and Social Security
Dale Parker:@james interesting
Jane Harris:@James - best wishes with that!
John Sener:@James M: sounds like you're aiming high! ;-)
Roberta Sharp, Dalhousie University:I want to hear more from Dee as I have followed his theories many times
James Mansfield:I need help
John Sener:@James M: you and the entire country on that issue ;-)
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:DF: gain - see if his course design could apply to this project - how! Not lose: keep "learning centered, learning driven"
Dale Parker:James you might want to join our silver cloudians group
Stephen Parsons:I'd like to get to see/hear the many perspectives on learning and teaching in a massive open learning world and in this world where the new media has become so critical and pervasive to the delivery of learning.
Jane Harris:Applause to Dee for his sharing!
Lisa Star:Thank you!
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:That's the spirit, Dee!
John Sener:of course
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:As past President of the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network, I would expect nothing less than ful sharing from Dee (Hi Dee - sorry I was traveling/at AERA during your last session)
James Mansfield:should I click on that link steve?
Stephen Parsons:I'd like to think we have an opportunity to get back to a time of learning guilds and the educator as mentor in a learning-centred context. Putting learning at the centre and making the learning "significant" is important to me to keep.
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:echoy
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:This is just an info link James, b but you shure can - it will open a new windoe
Ilene Frank:Yep, we can hear
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:yes
Stephen Parsons:a little loud
David McCurry:Sound is OK here
rickb@tabor.edu:@Stephen that sounds like a wonderful mission and something to recapture in education
Bryan Alexander:Sounds is loud + good.
Stephen Parsons:@rickb - thanks, I am looking forward to the MOOCOW!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Turning the extra mics off will decrease any echo (Dee - you might mute yours also when not speaking... good practice for anyone with a mic when not speaking)
James Mansfield:SYLLABUSow
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:I am on it
John Sener:@James M LOL
Ilene Frank:Yep I'm here - no mic
Bill V (U of Miami):Callaborative, dynamic, flexible, exploratory, integrative...
John Sener:also improvisational
rickb@tabor.edu:@John S- improvising seems to be the rule of the day a the moment. Feels like the ground is shifting
Stephen Parsons:I think Google is a very suitable selection; not for everyone but it does not exclude anyone and will include many by default.
John Sener:@rickb: this was especially so -- but I agree, in keeping with the (re-)emergence of complexity
John Sener:designated learners get extra attention from facilitators ;-)
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:laire, WI
Randal:just got logged in on an iPad from Pete's on fourth, Berkeley.
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:There are seven people from CVTC participating with me from Eau Claire, WI
Bryan Alexander:I'm glad to hear you making that c/xMOOC distinction.
Olena Zhadko:Anyone looked into OpenClass from Google?
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Does anyone want an explanation xMOOC vs cMOOC?
Bobbie Seyedmonir:Yes
Bryan Alexander:I misread the slide as "gluten-free".
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:SC = Somewhat Connectivist
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Hi Olena, I have explored openclass a little, what is your experience?
rickb@tabor.edu:Good point @John S- people get lost easily on C's, but sometimes bored with x. I like the sc combo
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Trying to incorporate good elements from BOTH cMOOC and xMOOC - cMOOC committed to partidipants' excercising lots of initiative; xMOOCs more committed to providing structure, being able to specify and accomplishing something in partciular that leaders have described
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Our goal: guilt free, gluten free - we can't separate the wheat from the chaff because we cannot include wheat (gluten)?
Bryan Alexander:groan...
Bryan Alexander:Steve has the germ of an idea, eh?
Ilene Frank:LOL
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Nature Path (with guide?) vs. Free orienteering - no path
Carrie:and if it ferments?
Bryan Alexander:Less pun-itively, I like this idea of synthesizing x + cMOOCs.
Bryan Alexander:(Like a bad investment, Carrie: sourdough)
Jennifer:John Sener - this is a very liberating view of education.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:If we focus too heavily on this germ, do we give up going viral?
Randal:in that case it is heffeMOOC
bdodge@mail.sdsu.edu:heffeMOOC is better than none
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I'm LOL = Loafing Outloud
Bethany:;) I'm going to use that definition of the LOL acronym from now on!
Bryan Alexander:Kudos to bdodge for excellent punning
Bryan Alexander:The textbook analogy is very powerful.
Jane Harris:Perhaps we need a MOOCow punning prize?
Randal:remind me what IEQ is again?
Jane Harris:Improvement of Education Quality - IEQ
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:http://tlt-swg.blogspot.com/2011/05/course-is-not-pizza.html
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:A Course is Not a Pizza --- not delivered!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I agree - "M" Masssive must be bigger than our limit. and I still like "C" for Conversation - getting at the dialogic interactions we have. OO is good... we are definitely Open and Online.
Lisa Star:Steve - I can be a DL
bridget arend:I'd be interested in being a Designated Learner too
Dale Parker:Is it possible to access both paths?
James Mansfield:I can be a DL, I cannot guarantee attendance
John Sener:@Bonnie: hence "hM" -- this 'course' could be massive, but it most likely won't get there (assuming that we could define what the threshold for "massive" is)
Jane Harris:If you want people to join, please make a post in the Community so we know what and where you are. Thnx.
Ilene Frank:Dale, I think we can do whatever we want! I don't think we're going to be hindered from that. <grin>
Stephen Parsons:15 in the G+ community so far - good stuff Jane!
John Sener:That's right, Ilene
Dale Parker:good
Randal:what is G+?
Ilene Frank:Google Plus
Ilene Frank:I don't have a mic
Bryan Alexander:What's the G+ name or direct URL?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yes
Margaret Driscoll:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111708918622672250384
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Thanks Margaret
Ilene Frank:Randal, you can fool around at https://plus.google.com/
Bryan Alexander:Thanks, Margaret.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Our google community is 7FsMOOCow
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Margaret has the correct link
Randal:thanks Ilene,. G+ seems a bit über invasive to me, but I can give it another chance.
Ilene Frank:Hey, just something to keep in mind... MOOC article in Wikipedia editing wars have been noted. http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/no_good_reason/2013/05/the-mooc-wars.html
rickb@tabor.edu:Thanks for the link @Ilene
Jane Harris:@Randal - would like to hear more about your concerns re G+ being uber invasive.
Randal:hmm, seems like adobe connect does not allow copy paste, at least in mobile.
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Review/Summary of JohnS book: http://tlt-swg.blogspot.com/2013/05/reviewsummary-seners-7-futures-amer.html
Jane Harris:yeah - the app doesn't seem too well developed yet.
James Mansfield:kindle version 9.99
John Sener:right
John Sener:@ James M: such a deal! ;-)
Bryan Alexander:I'm looking forward to the book.
James Mansfield:AMEN
Jane Harris:Again - link to the G+ Community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111708918622672250384?cfem=1
Ilene Frank:I LOVE the book! It's such a good overview of where we've been - AND looking toward the future.
Annelie Rugg, UCLA:If we haven't yet read the book, can we do Module 1 with any success?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:http://amzn.to/ZE3fJp Book: The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World,
Jane Harris:Annelie - I believe that John S has designed the MOOC so that you do not have to read it.
Randal:just a note on how I got in today. I'm he in Berkeley going to a graduation tomorrow. luckily not the massive open onside event. at any rate, when I registered and got the link, I need to download adobe connect mobile for the iPad I'm using. I'm at a peet's coffee, so it took a bit of time, but eventually it downloaded, opened up, and then I went back to the confirmation email and logged in . lesson learned ... do it before hand!, but it's obviously working.
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:@Annelie, I dodn't think John expects that participants have to purchase the book
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Yes, you can begin the Guided Process without reading much of the book BUT we hope you will find that developing your Action Plan wil be improved significantly by reading (and thinking about) the book
Bryan Alexander:Will the SCHMOOPERs email us to remind us about deadlines?
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:I have not read the book yet, but I ordered it for our department library. I will read it once I get back to States
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:There are resources on the course site that you can use
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:@Bryan, yes, we will send reminders re: the synchronous sessions
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:http://amzn.to/ZE3fJp Book: The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World,
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:11 of you have registered for the MOOC, this link will take you to registration http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/events?eventId=689317&EventViewMode=EventDetails
Bryan Alexander:Thank you, Beth.
Robert Harley:Unfortunately I have to leave as am teaching a seminar shortly.
Ilene Frank:This session will be archived, isn't that true, Beth?
Jane Harris:@Robert - thanks for being here. Hope to see you in the community.
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:yes, the sessions will be archived and made available until the end of the MOOC
Randal:looking forward to the next few sessions. thanks everyone. need to go now .... good work!!
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Jane's volume is low
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Terrrific! 23 have joined that community since 2pm TODAY!!!! congrats - it must be easy enough to join!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Better volume now.
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/events?eventId=689317&EventViewMode=EventDetails
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:link to the G+ Community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111708918622672250384?cfem=1
John Sener:and I'll put messages in them that explain how to use them in the context of the related exercises
Bethany:I saw it on the screen as you were doing it
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:the screen is purpos now but we did see the hangou for awhile
Dave:Did see it when you were going through the steps
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:I saw it too, I joining it is easy!
Bethany:I love G+ communities for this - very exciting!
Maureen Straight:no, however I did 'join" but I do not 'see myself' in the group? do I need to do something else?
Denise Hyde:I'm getting that same message!
rickb@tabor.edu:G+ openness is part of the excitement and learning of the group.
Bethany:tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow is this the page with the link problem?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow
John Sener:http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/events?eventId=689317&EventViewMode=EventDetails
Jane Harris:@Maureen and Denise - refresh your page? I am experiencing a slight lag in seeing things.
Maureen Akins:I had the same issue
Kim Wilcox:@Maureen - try refreshing your page.
Margaret Driscoll:@Maureen, I've refreshed my page a couple of times but do not see you. Have no idea what went wrong, but maybe try joining again?
Lisa Star:Maureen - you are showing - you just need to refresh
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:John - are you in the Google + community and this link works? https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111708918622672250384?cfem=1 (works for me, but I am already "on" G+
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:I'm trying
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:https://sites.google.com/a/tltgroup.org/7fsmoocow/
John Sener:that's weird
John Sener:the icon says my mic is working
Jane Harris:We are up to 38 members and lots of chat going on - if you do not see yourself after awhile, pls LMK. jdharri5@uncg.edu
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I can access all links fine (just for the record).
Margaret Driscoll:@Lisa -- that's a different Maureen
Kim Wilcox:@Maureen - when you clicked thered Join the Community button, did you get a Welcome to the community! message?
Maureen Straight:Kim, no
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:John, if audio wizard doesn't work then logout and on again John... and mic will likely come back.
Kim Wilcox:@ Maureen - is the red button still there?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:yep
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Technology "happens"
Bryan Alexander:I have to run, friends, for a 3 pm eastern phone call. Looking forward to learning together.
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:This link will take you to the registration page for the MOOC http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/events?eventId=689317&EventViewMode=EventDetails
Lisa Star:You can also create and share a widget for the community for Google+
John Sener:good to see you, Bryan!
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:By registerin we will be able to send reminders of up-coming synnchronous sessions
Ilene Frank:Depends on how the community was set up - Is it open? (You can make communities private if you want to - at least that's my understanding)
rickb@tabor.edu:The membership info for TLT could be posted on the G+ page so any of our friends who come to the site could register
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:If we didn't supply the link in G+ and/or if they didn't click on the link to the Homebase Webpage, then they would not get to the 'course' materials.
Lisa Star:In the top right corner of any google+ page is the share and allows you to do that
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:all the stuff for this MOOCow can be accessed via http://tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow
KC Culver (U Miami):Yes, it's allowing me to invite others or share the group.
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Great idea Rick! we would love more to become TLT members
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I think it woudl be great to populate those links with a link to the Homebase Webpage.
Ilene Frank:(Here are the options for creating a Google+ Community - just in case anyone wants their own https://support.google.com/plus/answer/2872671?hl=en-GB
Lisa Star:Can all that info the Google + area
rickb@tabor.edu:Thanks for a good conversation today. Looking forward to learning together
Bethany:perhaps putting link to support sites in google + community in the community description ?
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Good idea Bethany, to link to the central course communication page
Bethany:Thanks, Beth! Really enjoying what you've done with current set up :)
Dee Fink:I need to head out to some afternoon commitments. It has truly been a pleasure and a growth experience being part of the planning process. Thanks for including me in that!
Stephen Parsons:Thank you Dee - nice to see you here!
Bethany:interesting "behind the scenes" conversation - nice to hear the planning info about organizing the MOOCow
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Have a great weekend Dee!
Kim Wilcox:Thanks, everyone!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:xNonProfit
Lisa Star:Will the modules be put into the Google+ area or will they stay in the website?
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:We'll put the "Modules" which are mostly PDFs accessible via http://tlt.gs/7FsMOOCow
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Re: xNon Profit - although more could be done if TLTGroup were simply 'non Profit' (no x)... but none could be done withouth everyone in our broad TLT Group family/community contributing thoughts and idea.
James Mansfield:want to participate I do not have a complete view
Jane Harris:need to ask a question of people....
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Hi James, information on the course site may be of value http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/events?eventId=689317&EventViewMode=EventDetails
James Mansfield:disregard previous
James Mansfield:thanks Beth
Maureen Straight:I have registered and can access the central page but have not mastered G+ yet.. I will keep trying
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:James, this is also a summary document https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1uKPG7xstGseDRGQmJWSXVKcGc/edit?usp=sharing
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:Maureen, what are you experiencing
Bethany:that is controllable by each individual
Ilene Frank:I have most notifications and stuff turned off in G+ so I'm not sure about this one in particular.
John Sener:Steve -- just (re-)sent you the documents for Steps 1 and 2 so that you can add them to the assignments and people can get started on that part of the course
Bethany:right? because I have my notifications really reined in so I don't get a ton!
nikki:Beth, can you give mic privileges to all participants without promoting them to presenter status? ty
Bethany:I could post a few tips
Bill V (U of Miami):I am very confused between the Google Group and the Google Site.
Ilene Frank:IN Google Plus you can go to Home and mouse over HOME and down to Settings - and you can decide what to turn off and on
John Sener:yes, I need instructions for how to do this...
Bethany:ok - will do! sometime this weekend.
Bethany:my pleasure
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Google Site = way of bjuidling and sharing web pages; Google + is sui generis attempt at compettiion with FaceBook
Bill V (U of Miami):So are you talking about the community site for the "What's Hot" or the site?
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:@Nikki - they answer to your question should be yes - Adobe let's you "give everyone mic priveleges without promoting everyone to presenter"
James Mansfield:https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111708918622672250384?cfem=1
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:If someone sends me the text, I can send it to registrants.
James Mansfield:try the abovd
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:Not equivalent to registering for the MOOCOW
James Mansfield:it's right above
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:2 links is best I think - the way you've structured this.
James Mansfield:I just typed it
Bill V (U of Miami):Could the instructions and links be put on both the site and the community?
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:I think we did already
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Thank you James, it works!
Lisa Star:it was easy
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:we have 16 people registered.
Beth Dailey, TLT Group:http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/
Bethany:Go to https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111708918622672250384 and click Join button
Irina Ivliyeva, Missouri S&T:Have to leave now, thank you all for another great session!
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:go to http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/events
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:schMOOC/MOOCOW Seven Futures of American Education May 17 - June 21
James Mansfield:bye I
Stephen Parsons:see you next time - great start!
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:We just got kicked out
Jane Harris:yes - it blipped off for a second.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:All participants just got kicked out
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:by someone at the host level.
Jane Harris:Yes - I had to log back in.
Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:tossed out
Stephen Parsons:perfect - thanks you!
Stephen Parsons:bye for now.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I had to go back to the begining. It acted just like it does when you (as a host) end the session and goes to the TLTG blog/webpage
Beth Dailey:amazing collaborative effort to get to this starting point
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:I think you should send everyone to one location from both sites.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Steve is correct - reversions are possible.
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Also, send the module info out in the email to everyone (especially since they got kicked out prematurely).
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:(usually at bottom and/or top - and need to hit "edit"
Bonnie Mullinix, TLT Group:Good weekend all!

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