Friday, May 17, 2013

Review/summary Sener’s 7 Futures Amer. Education: Improving.. Screen-Captured World. For MOOCow

  • Book Review by Christine Geith - including summary of some major points - of Sener’s The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World  - Concludes with:
    “Sener communicates a keen understanding of the shifts in the foundations of American education institutions and the tensions in societal values. His first-hand knowledge of the evolution of online education in America provides a unique perspective imbedded in the cyberization notion that is the premise for the book. Sener provides seven compelling scenarios based on a comprehensive and insightful understanding of current trends affecting American higher education, as well as K-12 education.

    “The Free Markets and Standards Rule scenarios describe a focus on efficiency, consistency and education as commodity. Free Learning Rules and Cyberdystopia describe a more emotional response to the trends. Steady As She Goes and Education Improves focus on social barriers and opportunities. The Distant Scenario, is a call to action taking the best of all points of view and leveraging the trends and foundational shifts to create high-quality education for everyone. These well-developed future scenarios provide a variety of lenses through which to understand the current landscape of change in American higher education.”

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