Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teaching Online for Beginners & Smart Dummies. Help plan. FridayLive! 5/31 2pmET free online "fish bowl"

Teaching Online for Beginners: Designing a MOOCow for Very Smart Dummies. 
Help from/for? Silver Cloudians
"Fish bowl" planning session in TLT Group's FridayLive! 5/31 2pm ET Free Registration
Leaders:  Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, and still confirming other Silver Cloudian stalwarts!

Careers end;  Service doesn't;  Connect
TLT Group Silver Cloudians and friends and colleagues will continue planning how best to support faculty who are just beginning to move deeper into online teaching. The goal is to have something [MOOCow, coaching, mentoring, ...] ready to offer by September and to find at least one institution interested in receiving this kind of support/resource.

For a better idea of what we're developing, see planning documents:

We will also look at the model being used for the Seven Futures of American Education schMOOC/MOOCOW [Structure, Google+ community   Google site]  

MOOCow= Massive Open Online Course Or Whatever
Help from/for? Silver Cloudians

Up-coming  FridayLive! schedule:  

  • June 7 Seven Futures MOOCow 2nd session “The Seven Futures Approach to IEQ: A Dialogue”
  • June 14 Seven Futures 3rd session, “Modeling the IEQ Planning Process”  
  • June 21 Seven Futures 4th session, “Sharing Your Plans, Reflecting on Your Experience”
  • June 28 Review, Respond and Shape

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