Thursday, September 29, 2011

73% college students willing to give up sex to get etextbooks! Really?

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"Seventy-three percent of college students who responded to a new Kelton Research study sponsored by education software startup Kno said they’d be willing to do something they might not normally do — including giving up dating or sex — if they could never carry another textbook.
"...Sixty-two percent of respondents said they would study more often if they could access their textbooks from anywhere without having to carry them around

"College students can expect to spend some $2,400 on textbooks during their undergraduate careers, and a quarter of students have to carry in excess of 20 pounds’ worth of books on a typical day, according to the study.
"...54 percent said it would make their studies more efficient. A full 71 percent of college students said they were keen to 'go digital' by putting required-reading materials on a mobile or desktop application or through the web.
"Even so, many educational software companies have not taken off as quickly as many may have hoped. ... But now that college students are wanting to go digital more than ever, the tide may finally start to turn away from traditional textbooks for good."
- From "College kids hate textbooks. Can e-books really help?" By Colleen Taylor at GigaOm, Thu Jul 28, 2011


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