Thursday, September 29, 2011

Counterimplementation Tactics: Samples show how thoughtful caution differs from undue restraint of innovation. More examples?

What's the difference between careful planning and undue restraint of innovation?  Send us your examples from one side or the other of the fine line!
  • Oh, I don't know if we should go ahead with this until we have every last little thing nailed down.   
  • We haven't really done anything like this before so we need to be really careful.
  • Besides I have so much to do that I can't really help, but you two go ahead.
  • I'm not sure it will make us any money so is there something else we should be doing instead?
  • Oh, what will people think about this session?  I'm sure there will be negative reaction so we really shouldn't move ahead
Reprise of excerpt from TLT-SWG blog posting 20110926 "We can only hope for incremental change..except.....:

"...fine line between honest resistance to a project one feels is misguided and selfish sabotage of a necessary innovation. The difference is a matter for conscience and self-scrutiny. In both cases, the response is political, whether 'clean' or 'dirty' politics." from article “Information Systems and Organizational Change,” Peter G. W. Keen, May 1980, Communications of the ACM, January 1981, Vol 24, No. 1, pp. 24-33 pp. 27-28, 30-31.
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Article Converted to Published Google Doc 20110719

Photo of "Three women in the pillory, China," Anonymous, c.1875
rem/forum internationale photographie/Slg. Historische Reisephotographie/Carl und Anna ReiƟ
File:Drei Frauen am Pranger, China, Anonym, um 1875.jpg - Wikimedia Commons:
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