Thursday, September 08, 2011

“Can Anyone Keep Up With Anything Anymore?”

"...use electronic resources to establish a personalized professional development program" 9/9 2pm ET Online Join TLT Group's first free online FridayLive! session of 2011-2012. September 9 at 2pm Eastern, includes an interview with Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian for Research & Instructional Services, Temple U. and ACRL vice-president/president-elect.
See work on Blended Librarians
9/9 Session working title:
Sharing Overabundant Good Teaching/Learning Resources More Effectively Through Small Group Collaboration and Other Methods
Finding, Browsing, and Drowning in Overabundance
“You are not alone!” and “Why didn’t you tell me?”

9/9 session also includes Recap, Extension of TLT Group’s Online Symposium 2011 (4th Annual) "Frugal Innovation thru Small Group Collaboration "
Quotation excerpt at beginning of this posting is from Bell's article:  
"Keeping Up: Using E-Resources for a Personalized PD Program," Educause Quarterly V.26, N.3, Fall 2003.

 How can we share more effectively ....  
  • Resources to which faculty, students and other academic professionals already have access?  
  • Resources for which the incremental usage costs are negligible in money, technology, learning curve, time?
 How can we engage like-minded professionals who have relevant expertise and experience - who are painfully familiar with these needs and willing to share ideas and resources? What do librarians recommend for more effective finding, browsing, research, sharing of such resources?  Who else can help?

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