Friday, September 16, 2011

"Cross-Registration" available at 17 GCCCU colleges/univs.

Students attend/participate fully at teacher's campus or online.

"Cross-Registration" offered by 17 members of Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities (GCCCU).  Since 1974.  It seems that all enrolled students have same responsibilities and opportunities for transportation, attendance and participation on campus and/or online regardless of whether they are enrolled at the "home" institution or at a different institution.

"Cross-Registration is a program sponsored by GCCCU which enables a matriculated, degree-seeking student at a GCCCU member institution to take courses at another GCCCU member institution. The student interested in cross-registering must be enrolled at least part-time at their "home" institution and must obtain all appropriate approvals from both the home and host institutions before registering. Students who cross-register pay the tuition at their home institution, but are responsible for course-related fees to the host institution.
Over the past five years, over 2200 students at GCCCU member institutions have cross-registered for over 7300 semester hours at host institutions.
GCCCU also has an agreement allowing students at GCCCU member institutions to cross register at an institution which is a member of the Southwestern Ohio Council on Higher Education (SOCHE)." - Excerpts from GCCCU Cross-Registration Program
Excerpt from PDF: GCCCU/SOCHE Cross-Registration Agreement:
"1. Any full time student of any member institution of the GCCCU or SOCHE
shall be permitted to cross-register for courses at schools of the other consortium providing the course(s) being taken are not available to the student at any college or university within the home institution's consortium. Full time status is defined by the standards of the student's home school; both the credit hours being taken at the home school and the credit hours being taken at the host school may be included in determining status. At least half the student's total load must be taken at the home school.
2. Initial contact for a cross registrant should be the home school's registrar's office, which shall supply cross-registration forms and shall keep on file for student use current catalogs and class schedules of all GCCCU and SOCHE institutions."
Excerpt from U. of Cincinnati Schedule of Classes Autumn 2011-2012 DISTANCE LEARNING:
  • "The classes listed below are identified by symbols corresponding to the delivery format (world wide web, CD Rom, correspondence, television broadcast, video conference or videotape). Syllabi and assignments will be available to registered students before the quarter begins."
  • A few courses, such as "Effective Public Speaking 28 COMM 171 Principles of and practice in composition and presentation of speeches" are listed as  "MEETS BOTH ONLINE AND ON-CAMPUS"
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