Monday, September 19, 2011

"Local Facilitation" - Better Term for Home-Campus Support of Students Taking Distant, Online Courses? Examples?

"Support provided by a faculty member or other academic professional at the home college/university for students who are taking courses in which the lead faculty member is based on a distant campus - too distant for the students to participate in face-to-face course meetings"

I've been referring to this support as "local facilitation", but I welcome suggestions for a label that gets this idea across more simply, or a term that is already being used to refer to this kind of support.
Please recommend a better term.
I'm also looking for examples of different ways of providing "local facilitation" - face-to-face, online, synchronous, asynchronous, provided by peer students, specially trained and assigned staff, ....

Photo of Boy Scouts Pitching Tent "Learning to camp under canvas is fundamental to all scout training. All scouts must learn to erect and dismantle tents..." , Canberra, Australia, 1957, National Archives of Australia,
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