Monday, September 12, 2011

"Easy Rider" Space Potty? REALLY needs user-friendly ergonomics!

Only time keyboard SHOULD be attached to the screen! Otherwise, typical laptop configuration is undesirable. So if you have an iPad or other tablet computer, the on-screen keyboards are fine for brief use; but for other purposes, get  a keyboard that can be positioned further from the screen.  Being able to easily rearrange your screen and keyboard - and doing so often - is an ergonomic advantage!
"'You know what I think of? I think of Peter Fonda in 'Easy Rider' riding a chopper,' [Astronaut Michael] Massimino said of his preferred space toilet position, holding his arms up to grip the handles of an imaginary motorcycle. 'That's the right position for me.'" - from Space Potty Training Secrets Revealed by Astronauts |
See also Stand up. Move now! "Are you using your laptop unsafely?" - TLT-SWG Blog posting 20110223

Photo of "Space Shuttle toilet on display at the Johnson Space Center in Houston," 23 August 2002, by Svobodat
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