Friday, October 12, 2012

CHANGE TODAY OCT12: FridayLive! sMOOChers/MOOCs 2PARTS: **2pmET FreeReg **2:30pmET #tltgSMOOCHERS

CHANGE:  FRIDAYLIVE! Today Oct12 2pmET  Free Reg  Then join us for FridayLive! at 2:30pmET via as guest 
I could claim that this is a brilliantly coordinated activity, but really I just discovered that CFHE12 is offering Webinar TODAY at 2pm ET due to nice visit to family in San Diego and adjustment to daughter's engagement which distracted us from prep for sMOOChers.

2pmET "Guest Speaker, October 12: Siva Vaidhyanathan:  
Beyond MOOC Hyperbole: Why We Should Support MOOC Experimentation ... Critically and Carefully"

So we'll begin our own FridayLive! session at 2:30PM ET or immedately at the end of the session listed above, and we'll STILL focus on MOOCs, and on our sMOOChers' experience of the 1st week of CFHE12 - Everything below remains the same except that our starting time will be 2:30PM ET and we will include in our discussion reactions to the 2pm session "Beyond MOOC Hyperbole"

Friday, Oct12 2pmET Free Reg  [see below for full URLs]
Friday, Oct12 2:30pmET Free Reg 
***Since you registered for our FridayLive! session about MOOCs and other large open online courses Sept 21, you're welcome to login as a guest for today's session via  [however, there's still time to register for this session as usual via]***

Full URLs for CFHE12 Webinar:

At 2:30PM ET we'll begin our first online "sMOOChers" discussion - a follow-up to the Sept 21 event in which we decided to organize a group to participate in and share comments about a real online MOOC or similar event.  As sMOOChers [Smart Massive Open Online Courses Higher Education Research Subgroup], our goal is to exchange insights and develop guidelines about how to take advantage of these new courses.  We're beginning by participating together in the CFHE12 MOOC "Current & Future of Higher Educ". This MOOC began with "Week 1: Change Pressures: What is influencing higher education? (Oct 8 - 14)," and you can still register for it (for free) and catch up as much or as little as you like.  But you're welcome to join our session today, even if you're not participating in CFHE12 or any other MOOC.  

ALSO, THERE'S STILL TIME TO JOIN sMOOChers, THE TLT GROUP'S  collaborative, reflective exploration of MOOCs and other very-large, mostly-online, open-access courses.  To do so, please register BOTH with (become part of the TLT Group's sMOOChers cohort) and (participate in "Change pressures: What's influencing higher education?")
Then join our sMOOChers forum 
and use Twitter hashtag #tltgSMOOCHERS 

We'll extract lessons from our experience with CFHE12 as it happens.  You are welcome to participate in either or both of our subgroups:

Group A.  Process:  Reflection about Experience (about our shared experience in a MOOC as it happens - focus on process) 
Group B.  Content:  Adaptation and Application of Resources (to our own institutions and individual situations of the information and resources provided by the MOOC - focus on content)
Group C.  Support:  Develop New Roles (to help students learn from MOOCs) NOT LAUNCHED IN WEEK 1

PS:  If you missed the earlier Webinar from CFHE12 this week "Guest Speaker, October 10: Jeff Selingo:  The 5 Disruptive Forces That Will Change Higher Education Forever", you can view/hear it at either of these  (requires nothing)

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