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"Social Collaboration Online” Slides, Chat Transcript TLT Group's FridayLive! #TLTGfrlv 10/19 online free

"Social Collaboration Online - What Does It Mean?” Slides, Chat Transcript TLT Group's FridayLive! October 19, 2012  2:00-3:00 pm ET 
Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet Area Technical College

Please find below: Text chat transcript (including many links shared by  FridayLive! participants) and links to other resources (slides, archives).

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Text Chat Transcript...

   Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK wants FEEDBACK about her work;  tools!
  Dale Parker:I want to keep up with what is going on in cyberspace with respect to education
  Lynn Yeager:I
  flavio argueta:how to manage social networks.  There is just so much information to gather.
  Lynn Yeager:I'd like to know what ways there are to implement social media into library classes.
  Dale Parker:yes personal connection
  Deirdre:Is this Social Collaboration - What does it mean? that is supposed to start at now??
  flavio argueta:not loose simple, to the point information.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK  - doesn't want to lose personal connections..  .. so wants tools that provide/support personal connections!
  Dale Parker:don't want to "water down" the quality of education
  Ilene Frank:Deirdre - Social Collaboration - yep!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK - not lose new ways of connecting with people unavail otherwise
  Beth Dailey:Hi Ilene, I'm not surprised
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:correctioni:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Full copy of this session (digital archive) will be avail to you AND slides AND transcript!
  irene:I can help
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:This role, Voice of the Chat, is itself a useful model for interactivity in online sessions!
  irene knokh-rejoining:ok i am back
  irene knokh-rejoining:Hi Beth :=)
  irene knokh-rejoining:finally got a normal headset that works;=)
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Im okay.
  Beth Dailey:Thanks so much irene! :)
  irene knokh-rejoining:love the picture
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:No more apologies today, pls!
  flavio argueta:lol
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Seems these days, "2 year colleges" are not 2 year!  Neither are 4 year!
  irene knokh-rejoining:interesting
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK  - pre-college foreign lang taecher;  online teacher;  instructional designer;  own children in public charter school in Wisc
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Charter School - "Google Apps" - problem-based;  professional learning community for the school led by Penny
  Beth Dailey:that is so cool, your work with the charter school
  irene knokh-rejoining:probem based learning-start in school before moving on to college
  irene knokh-rejoining:would love to hear more about voicethread
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK - motivated to look into social communication/educ. online because of her own children's increasing usage of (mostly free) social resource tools!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:[Many of these tools have yet to be discovered by lots of higher ed faculty]
  irene knokh-rejoining:@Steve-true!
  irene knokh-rejoining:It's how you use the tools :=)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Use of QR codes in paper? map!!!!
  Marc Boucher:Glad to see that Penny is doing all this cool stuff - I have learned a lot from her over the years
  irene knokh-rejoining:Sharing everything, open education, learn from each other-use the tools interactively and productivey
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:3 defs of Social Media - construct, share, collaborate via Internet
  irene knokh-rejoining:I've heard of Wordle-very cool
  Marc Boucher:Wordle really is cool
  Marc Boucher:I integrate it into blogs
  Marc Boucher:I have seen people take entire books and put them in Wordle and see what themes come out
  Beth Dailey:Can you share an example marc, maybe a link?
  irene knokh-rejoining:Is anyone participating in the Global Ed conferences?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Joosten def "A virtual Place ..  "...   #edusocmedia #wordle of What is social media? check it out!
  irene knokh-rejoining:Penny,nk think that your topic might fit somewhere.
  Ilene Frank:example sof Wordle here
  Marc Boucher:Yes - sure - I need to find one though...
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Ilene Frank:they did one of the US Constitution - It says STATES and President a lot! ;)
  Rick Foral:Social media expand engagement across time and space.
  irene knokh-rejoining:Think about the framework before the implementation-Penny
  Marc Boucher:Oh my - Rick Foral is here - Long time no hear - I hope you are doing well sir!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:What about people who are inclined to jump in first and then figure out what they're doing and why?
  irene knokh-rejoining:sometimes, you have to have a blend-think of a loose framework and then start checking things out-start as a lurker
  irene knokh-rejoining:(I mean learner-lurker-not creepy stuff). :=)
  Rick Foral:Are social protocols set by teachers?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down. Ray Bradbury
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  irene knokh-rejoining:and responsibility for rwhat you are developing :=)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Dale Parker:@steve I love that quote the story of my life
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:This sounds like Harold Jarche's PKM model here:
  Steve Gilbert, TLT          @pkuckkahn
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: Sk8nLn
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  flavio argueta:now following penny on twitter
  Deirdre:I also use Diigo groups to encourage students to share resources
  irene knokh-rejoining:mindmeister?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Collaborative mind-mapping tools?
  irene knokh-rejoining:I like diigo a lot and use google collaborative tools a lot
  irene knokh-rejoining:I also use twitter and yamer
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:I'm using Netvibes as a dashboard - but it lacks the commenting
  irene knokh-rejoining:and delicious
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Tools that allow people to comment, use WITHOUT CREATING AN ACCOUNT OR PAYING!
  flavio argueta:just found this one for concept maps....
  irene knokh-rejoining:and tools that don't disappear
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  irene knokh-rejoining:I remember the uproar over delicious bookmarking-i joined the uproar by the way... anyway, the service stayed on :=)
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:I've been using screencast-o-matic for video capturing the computer screen and YouTube and my webcam to video myself.
  irene knokh-rejoining:jing can be collaborative (free 5 minute screen recorder)
  irene knokh-rejoining:sorry, something just came up-must run. Thank you! Amn excellent and enjoyable presentation (and side channel discussion) =)_
  flavio argueta:i c that happening more with mobile apps
  Ilene Frank:Using those kinds of logins gives Twitter or Facebook a LOT of control over your stuff - I'm a little leery of some of that
  flavio argueta:i agree Ilene
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK - OK if instructor must create an account if that will avoid having the students creaet accounts!
  Qi Dunsworth:we have Yammer
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Don't know what "" is...  what is it?
  Rick Foral:Learners must feel free to make mistakes as they learn.  Does the public nature of some social media inhibit risk-taking?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Qi is like a visual paper collage
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:is there commenting on
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:thnx
  Qi Dunsworth:example of scoop.it
  Deirdre:I use Scoopit as a newsletter for faculty on what in trending in education
  Steve Gilbert, TLT  "Share Ideas that matterEasily curate engaging magazines.Effectively feed your web presence."
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:URLs??
  Steve Gilbert, TLT   curating tool
  Qi Dunsworth:is a good tool for student to create?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Google+  sort of like Facebook;  Google Hangouts - free video conferencing for up to 10(?) participants
  Ilene is more for curation than creation ;)
  Qi Dunsworth:Thanks Ilene!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:
  Ilene Frank:If you wanted students to scoop up some good resources on a certain topic that would work!
  Qi Dunsworth:I see.
  Qi Dunsworth:Diito. Quit FB twice.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK =- no longer has Facebook acct!
  Qi Dunsworth:and this time is permanent
  Dale Parker:I think FB can be dangerous and collect garbage
  Deirdre:I dislike facebook being used by schools
  Irina Ivliyeva Missouri S&T:question. All of these tools duplicate themselves in function , at least  in themajority of functions. Why use so many  ? I prefer Skype, personally.
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Blogger  permits running a blog that can automatically produce a new Tweet for each blog posting
  Ilene Frank:I have a facebook account - but basically have stopped posting to it.  Tired of trying to keep up with their privacy settings
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Public activity vs. Private vs. Anonymous
  Dale Parker:Hard to delete a FB acct
  Qi Dunsworth:Diito. I want to control how much "personal" info. I give out in prof. network, not being dictated by  how much personal  info. taken into prof. network
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Feel much different about Linked-In?
  Dale Parker:Linkedin better
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK "Blogging really puts you out there... thoughts, reflections..."
  Rick Foral:Thanks Penny!
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Irene - how avoid using too many tools/resources esp. that some duplicaet features
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:PennyK - likes esp. for curating and Twitter for sharing
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:"Personal Learning Network won't begin until you begin sharing" - PennyK
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:what about Tumblr?
  Irina Ivliyeva Missouri S&T:thnak you for sharing Scoop it with us! This is much better than filing aricles away in my mailbox!!
  Deirdre:Start with an archiving tool like Diigo, then get into Twitter for knowledge building
  Cynthia Wilson:Just a resource -- early findings from the League for Innovation's Getting Connected project on social media use in community colleges, available
  Qi Dunsworth:diigo
  Maureen G:Tools that allow people to comment, use WITHOUT CREATING AN ACCOUNT OR PAYING!
  Qi Dunsworth:I like yammer, esp. within a large org.
  flavio argueta:twitter
  Beth Dailey:QI would you say a little more about yammer
  Irina Ivliyeva Missouri S&T:Virtual office hours with Skype or Blackboard Illuminate. Myay be then students will contact the professor, without needing to physically come to your office!
  Maureen is a version of etherpad
  Qi Dunsworth:sure
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Google Reader?
  Maureen G:yammer is a private facebook
  Maureen G:diigo is great - make groups
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:I use Netvibes to aggregate both twitter and google reader
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:but that is PKM not social networking - I use twitter for that.
  Deirdre:We didn't talk about wikis but we use that a lot for committees and researchers to work on documents together.
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Google Sites
  flavio argueta:can u create a group in yammer?
  Steve Gilbert, TLT looks like Facebook to many students;  commercial free; can create internal network WITHIN yammer to protect participants from too bit open particiapntion
  Qi Dunsworth:welcome
  Maureen G:take a look atSalon from CMU
  Qi Dunsworth:yes
  Qi Dunsworth:Yes you can create groups in yammer @flavio
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Maureen =  likes diigo and as tools for building multi-way personal learning network(s)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:Sharing "bookmarks"
  Qi Dunsworth:@steve, it's actually "external network" to insulate students from the feed from the larger org.
  Qi Dunsworth:you can also tag your own post, or search other people's posts by tag - in Yammer
  Maureen G:gloster
  Maureen G:see where I have shared many of these tools and tutorials to use them
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:50 seconds remaing in which to share something from this session with some colleague(s)
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:30 seconds
  Qi Dunsworth:Cabel Green
  Qi Dunsworth:I know
  Irina Ivliyeva Missouri S&T:Students resistance to learn - Anton Tolman
  Qi Dunsworth:I want to learn more about CC
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:derek bruff on visual learning
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I would love a session on visual learning is great!
  Qi Dunsworth:
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:Derek is working in this area right now.
  Qi Dunsworth:Alex Pickett, love her
  Marc Boucher:Thank you Penny!
  Irina Ivliyeva Missouri S&T:Have to go, folks! thank you for another great session!
  nikki:May I put in a plug for the Global Education Conference coming up ? Runs Nov. 12-16, 24 hours/day., 3-5 sessions per hour....thanks
  Qi Dunsworth:@nikki, conference location?
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:screencast-o-matic - like jing - but don't need to create an acct - downloads as an mp4
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:I am signed up for the Global Education Conference - looking forward to it.
  Beth Dailey:
  Beth Dailey:Is this on online confernce - Global Ed Conf
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:@Beth yes it is online
  Qi Dunsworth:thanks
  nikki:Main Conference Site:
  Beth Dailey:Cynthia, would you like to say more about the League for Innovations
  Qi Dunsworth:had to go, thanks!
  Jane Harris, UNC Greensboro:thnx for this session - got to go...
  Cynthia for information on the League -- look forward to receiving Penny's first draft of The Cross Papers next month. Thanks, Penny!
  flavio argueta:TY-Enjoy ur weekend.
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:That would be great!
  Cynthia Wilson:Would love to do that!
  Dale Parker:You are not running out of steam LOL
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:I'd love to hear about the Cross papers
  Cynthia Wilson:The researchers would be good to include in a discussion about Getting Connected. Regina Deil-Amen at University of Arizona and Cecilia Rios-Aguilar at Claremont Graduate University.
  Cynthia Wilson:Sure!
  Dale Parker:Bless U
  Beth Dailey:Cynthia, I will follow-up with you.  Thanks for your offer.
  Cynthia Wilson:Great - thanks, Beth.
  Rick Foral:Penny K. and TLT continue to open my eyes to new ideas.  Thanks and see you again.
  Beth Dailey:Good to see you Rick, thanks for joining!!!
  Penny Kuckkahn, Nicolet College:Soooooo I want total truth how did you think it went.
  Beth Dailey:Thanks Penny, for sharing new ideas and apps with me!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:It's time for this party to end!
  Sally Gilbert, TLT Group:That would be a totally cool session!
  nikki:Do have a good weekend and until next time!
  Beth Dailey:I love hearing what is happening in the k12 world
  Beth Dailey:older people, funny
  Dale Parker:I sent a text to my daughter yesterday and she could not get over it
  Beth Dailey:that's funny Dale
  Steve Gilbert, TLT Group:I remember when our daughter told us NOT to use Facebook... and then later when she told us it had become OK for us to do so!
  Dale Parker:I am 71
  Cynthia Wilson:Must go now -- thanks for the informative session!
  Dale Parker:NO
  Beth Dailey:how fun!

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