Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jeff Selingo's presentation "5 Disruptive Forces" demonstrates 3 flaws (hubris, etc.) of higher ed that he cites #tltgSMOOCHERS #CFHE12

"5 Disruptive Forces That Will Change Higher Education Forever,"

Selingo's "Value Gap" based on survey of "the public" asking respondents to rate value of higher ed vs. survey of college presidents.  Bigger value gap between what is available from most selective, expensive undergrad education vs. others.  But most people have had little opportunity to compare the differences.  The growing movement to make course materials, curricula, syllabi publically accessible will make it much easier to see the differences.  BUT WILL THAT MATTER?  HOW? TO WHOM?

Selingo ends by citing 3 flaws he has found characteristic of academicians in his travels to higher ed conferences and campuses this year.
Skepticism of anything new 
.... I think his presentation demonstrates these characteristics quite well.


  1. Masterful comment. But what was the third flaw?

  2. Went by too quickly... hope to review slides and add it.

  3. Re: Selingo's flaws of college administrators: Hubris, skepticism of anything new, unwilling to hear opposing viewpoints.


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