Thursday, October 18, 2012

“Clothing the Emperor” when technology and education touch each other so furtively, tentatively, eagerly, expectantly

“Clothing the Emperor”
In this very rapidly changing part of the world where technology and education meet...  Where technology and education keep touching each other so furtively, tentatively, eagerly, and expectantly...
How can we deal constructively with issues that have been distorted by hyperbolic claims from polarized groups?
How can we "clothe the emperor" when it's not enough to reveal the emperor's nakedness? 

Goals for Clothing the Emperor
We try to reveal simple truths and useful options that may be disappointing to those who prefer the more dramatic and polarizing claims of zealous advocates of innovation – or the equally hyperbolic claims of their opponents who resist such changes most avidly. We are committed to providing starting places that are both interesting and useful enough to repair the damage that often results from more exciting and illusory activities.

We want our work to be more useful than useless, more harmless than harmful.

We are committed to finding those “intermediate” issues (issues with scope somewhere between setting foreign policy and resolving minor interpersonal conflicts) in this very rapidly changing part of the world where technology and education meet – where technology and education keep touching each other so furtively, tentatively, eagerly, and expectantly. Issues: 

  • where we have some credibility based on experience and expertise; 
  • where we can make contributions that are both substantive and procedural; 
  • where we are most likely to be able to identify and engage others who have even more to offer; 
  • where we can help directly as well as by offering coordination and working in collaboration with others.

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Drawing or etching for the story "Emperor's New Clothes" "Pour la source voir : fr:Discuter:Contes_d%27Andersen Vignette de fr:Les Habits Neufs du Grand-Duc par Bertall représentant le Grand Duc et son nouvel habit..." 4 April 2006 (original upload date) Author Bertall (1820 - 1882); Original uploader was Sapcal22 at fr.wikisource
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  1. During this weeks FridayLive event ee’ll try to “clothe the emperor”, "3 Generations: Teaching, Learning, Faculty Development." Join Milt Cox, Derek Bruff, and App Guys Steve Kaufman & Tim Lombardo as this multi-generational panel focuses on the past, present, and future of how we teach, how we learn, and how faculty members adapt.

    Is higher education changing too fast or too slowly? In the past few decades, higher education has often been criticized for changing too fast AND for changing too slowly. Is Charles Dickens always right? “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

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  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I think that they key to clothing the emperor is to introduce new technologies into the classroom in increments. Trying to incorporate every available technology into schools at once would be akin to smothering the "emperor" in bundles of fabric. Making small changes might not be enough to fully "clothe the emperor" - that is, it might mean that classroom technology is a step or two behind that of the mainstream population - but at least it would be enough to prevent him from exposing himself.


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