Thursday, October 18, 2012

SilverCloud-(Re)Vision/Support Retirement “what I wish someone had told me.” Oct24&31 2pmET TLTGroupMembers Free

Silver Cloud  - Revisioning and Supporting Retirement Transitions
“...what I really wish someone had told me.”   October 24, 31, 2012 at 2pm ET
+ 1 additional session date to be selected based on participants' interests and availability.

FREE to TLT Group Individual Members & those affiliated with institutional subscribers!  Fee otherwise.
Also available by recording to registrants & TLT Group members

Oct 24
Stories and Lessons Learned - Challenges Encountered (whether mastered or not)
Relevant Resources
What happened?  What we are learning:  “What I really wish someone had told me.”   
What information, questions, or activities could be most useful at what age/stages?
[More detailed question/guidelines for story presenters listed in next blog posting.]

Offer stories, strategies, references, and research updates to:

  • Help Individuals - to identify and meet their own needs and find ways to continue to serve academia late in their professional lives.
  • Help Institutions - to improve their ability to support and effectively (and respectfully) use “Silver Cloudians”

Our Intended Colleagues/Participants
A.  “Silver Cloudians”:  Those within a few years of retirement (before/during/after, partially/fully, intentionally/unintentionally) and still committed to serve higher education. [usually ages 50-75?]
B.  Those responsible for helping these individuals and the institutions they might serve. [NOTE:  address both situations where the individuals WERE and WERE NOT previously affiliated with the institution.]

Create Something
Describe a program from/for Silver Cloudians:  something with rigorous intellectual content, meaningful social interaction, and educational value:  something like a “Silver Cloud University” or "Silver Cloud MOOC."   Develop some first small steps.

What We Will Omit (but Refer to)
For a few important and relevant topics (e.g, Medicare, Social Security Benefits, Health Insurance, University organizations that server emeritii) we will provide links to excellent information resources that are already available  instead of offering presentations or activities.  e.g., See:

Oct 31

Research Update and Relevant Resources on Career Transitions, Life Stages & Brain Development - What to expect in later life stages?

3rd Date?[To be selected based on participants' interests and availability.]   

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