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SilverCloud Stories Oct24 2pmET What happened. What I wish someone asked/told me. TLTGMembers Free

Question/guidelines for Silver Cloud Oct. 24, 2012 story presenters
Silver Cloud  - Revisioning and Supporting Retirement Transitions
“...what I really wish someone had told me.”   October 24, 31, 2012 at 2pm ET
+ 1 additional session date to be selected based on participants' interests and availability.

Offer stories, strategies, references, and research updates to:
  • Help Individuals - to identify and meet their own needs and find ways to continue to serve academia late in their professional lives.
  • Help Institutions - to improve their ability to support and effectively (and respectfully) use “Silver Cloudians”
FREE to TLT Group Individual Members & those affiliated with institutional subscribers!  Fee otherwise.
Also available by recording to registrants & TLT Group members

Question/guidelines for story presenters for October 24 session
What happened? "What i really wish someone had told me."  
Queries for planning  - recommendations for  others  to consider

  • What happened
    • Crises - good and bad luck?
    • External pressures or conditions that accelerated or postponed retirement
    • Intended and unintended steps toward and in retirement
    • Resources, including references and people, that I’ve found most helpful
    • Activities that I’ve found most satisfying
    • Conditions and activities that I’ve found most disappointing
  • “What I really wish someone had told me.”   
    • How far in advance should one begin thinking about and preparing?  Ideally?  Realistically?  What can be done if one begins significantly after the ideal time?
    • How to develop realistic, useful goals?  How to recognize irrelevant, unrealistic, or distracting goals?  
    • How to develop and select a few varied but useful scenarios - including but not limited to changing financial conditions?
    • Steps I’ve taken, situations I’ve encountered, that I can recommend most enthusiastically to others - that others can emulate.
    • Pitfalls I’ve encountered that I can identify and recommend ways to avoid
  • Queries for planning  - recommendations for  others  to consider  
    • Is it time to “revision” my life?  How?  What help is available?
    • How do I want to spend my time?  What kinds of activities will satisfy my commitment to continue to serve and be productive?  What do I mean by “productive”?  
    • How will I manage my less-structured time?
    • Which factors, conditions will most strongly shape my retirement goals and activities?  Support?  Restrict?   
    • What are some of the potential benefits and challenges of my social or family situation?

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