Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"Collaborate and share—but protect your copyrights" @ALA_ACRL @chronicle

"How Good Is Your Metadata?" -  
"'The panel made the important point that in the e-book world, your book is invisible so metadata is the only way to be discovered,' John P. Hussey, director of marketing and sales at the University Press of Kentucky, told The Chronicle afterward via Twitter. "
Excerpts from article: "Publishers Grapple With Thorny Issues of Protecting Property and Going Digital - Publishing - The Chronicle of Higher Education, By Jennifer Howard June 5, 2011 about "The Next Wave: Toward a Culture of Collaboration." Annual Meeting of Association of American University Presses

Image:  Photo of Inscription in Mount Nebo "Offering of Caesar at the time of Alexios and Theophilos priests" προσφορα καισαριου επει αλεξυ (ο)σκαι θεοφιλου πρεσβ(υτερο)σ
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