Monday, June 13, 2011

TLTG Summer Reading List 2011

Summer Reading at its best...books and articles picked by TLT Group Staff, written by TLT Group Members and Friends.

Here are our hopes for the list:

  • You'll find something(s) to read which are interesting and useful to you.
  • You'll find the eclectic nature of the selections intriguing.
  • You'll join us next year (2011-2012) as we discuss a number of them in our online book groups.
  • You'll recommend other books and articles for Summer Reading 2012.
  • Three categories of titles: -- Written By TLT Group Members, Picked by TLT Group Staff and Friends, "How To Books" Picked by TLT Group Staff and Friends

We've linked these selections so you can purchase through Amazon. If you buy the books there, we'll get a small % of the sale price. Every little bit helps!


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